THRESHOLD Legends of the shires DIGIPAK

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THRESHOLD - Legends of the shires DIGIPAK
  • 2CD-Digi - 18.99 EUR
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The eleventh album by the british prog metal legends!

More info:

83 minutes in length and yet remorselessly absorbing, »Legends Of The Shires« is a towering achievement and very obviously the most ambitious and progressive record that THRESHOLD have made to date. Although it is a sprawling, multi-layered concept album, it still contains all the irresistible refrains, soaring choruses and moments of balls-out metal intensity that long-time fans will be expecting, but this time there are countless hidden depths to be delved into and a huge number of unexpected musical twists and turns to keep listeners glued to their speakers.

From the devastating catchiness and sturdy riffing of second single 'Small Dark Lines' and soul-scorching anthem 'Stars And Satellites' through to the labyrinthine opulence of ultra-prog epics 'The Man Who Saw Through Time' and 'Lost In Translation', it’s an album that cranks every aspect of THRESHOLD’s music up a few notches while beautifully refining their brilliance as songwriters and musicians. Fans will have to wait until the album is released to fully dive into the new album’s sumptuous sonic depths and epic narrative, but as the band themselves state: “»Legends Of The Shires« is a concept album about a nation trying to find its place in the world. It could also be about a person trying to do much the same thing.”

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - The Shire [Part 1] 2:03
2 - Small Dark Lines 5:24
3 - The Man Who Saw Through Time 11:51
4 - Trust The Process 8:44
5 - Stars And Satellites 7:20
6 - On The Edge 5:20
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - The Shire [Part 2] 5:25
2 - Snowblind 7:03
3 - Subliminal Freeways 4:51
4 - State Of Independence 3:38
5 - Superior Machine 5:01
6 - The Shire [Part 3] 1:22
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