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The limited first pressing includes a 3-track mini album as a bonus! Trevor Strnad (vocals) states: “The new album, “Abysmal,” is true to The Black Dahlia Murder formula, but further down the evolutionary path we began with our Ritual release. It has bigger, more dynamic and developed songs. It sees the band in a darker, faster and more melancholic place than anything we’ve done to date. It is an album wrought emotion on a scale that we haven’t reached with our previous attempts. It’s dripping with urgency, and an undeniable sincere life and death purpose. It has moments of triumph and moments of utter abandon and defeat. It runs the gamut. If you can’t sense the message of despair in a song like ‘Receipt’ or the title track ‘Abysmal,’ than you are an unfeeling statue of a person. You speed freaks can also thank the ungodly contribution of our young skinsman Alan Cassidy, as the new album sees us approaching maniacal speeds unseen before in the TBDM catalog.

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The problem of dropping a record as career-defining as 2013's Everblack is that the bar is set so high following it up is a galling task. That The Black Dahlia Murder's response to such a challenge comes in the form of the devastating Abysmal serves to once again demonstrate why they are considered one of the most vital bands in contemporary death metal. "Once the record started to come together we knew it was going to be something special," states vocalist Trevor Strnad. "It's more urgent, it has more dynamics, it's a more emotive record, and it has a more raw, angry sound to it. It's still million mile-per-hour death metal, but when you invest so much thought and emotion into what you're creating you end up with a record that does stand out, and we can hold our heads up high and say yeah, this is our best work."

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Receipt 4:02
2 - Vlad, son of the dragon 2:56
3 - Abysmal 3:41
4 - Re-faced 3:50
5 - Threat level No. 3 3:46
6 - The fog 3:50
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - We dead are best left underground 2:59
2 - Hellion 1:05
3 - Der Ton 1:19
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