THE 69 EYES The best of Helsinki vampires

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THE 69 EYES - The best of Helsinki vampires
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Founded in the Finnish capital some 25 years ago, THE 69 EYES spawned a total of ten full-length records and an additional selection of live, best-of and re-mastered albums. With the release of their tenth and most current studio encounter »X« in 2012, vocalist and frontman Jyrki69 observes the bands’ resemblance with one certain masked superhero: “I just saw “The Dark Knight Rises” and realized that THE 69 EYES is like Batman: we always rise and return - our only mission being to save Gotham City and serve its people. Everybody else is gone, nobody does it better & someone's got to do it. So, sunglasses on and here we go again: the Helsinki Vampires are BACK!”
Looking back on such a vast legacy, THE 69 EYES have always managed to stay alive as a band, reinventing their distinct blend of Goth’n’Roll and keeping the same line-up ever since 1992, when Jussi69 replaced original drummer Lotto. The second peak of the Goth era in the late 90s/early 2000s saw the five-piece with some of its most acclaimed longplayers, »Wasting The Dawn« (1999), »Blessed Be« (2000) and »Paris Kills« (2002).
Entering 2015, THE 69 EYES just announced the release of »The Best Of Helsinki Vampires«, a full best-of collection, spanning a quarter of a century of band history. From the early days of fame with »Wrap Up You Troubles In Dreams« (1997), to the stardom of the latter years with »Devils« (2004) and »Back In Blood« (2009), »The Best Of Helsinki Vampires« features 28 tracks and will be out on April 10, 2015 via Nuclear Blast.
The track listing of »The Best Of Helsinki Vampires« will be as follows:
01. Lost Boys
02. Perfect Skin
03. Brandon Lee
04. Lost Without Love
05. Feel Berlin
06. The Chair
07. Dead Girls Are Easy
08. Radical
09. Tonight
10. Dance D'Amour
11. Borderline
12. Rocker
13. Dead N' Gone
14. Rosary Blue (feat. KAT VON D)

01. Never Say Die
02. Gothic Girl
03. Betty Blue
04. Sister Of Charity
05. Love Runs Away
06. We Own The Night
07. Red
08. Devils
09. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
10. Wasting The Dawn
11. Kiss Me Undead
12. Crashing High
13. Stolen Season
14. Ghost

Additionally THE 69 EYES will re-release »Devils« (2004), »Angels« (2007) as well as »Paris Kills« (2002) as a special edition. Each re-release will include the original album track listing plus three bonus tracks and will also be out on April 10, 2015 via Nuclear Blast.
The »Paris Kills« special edition will feature ‘You’re Lost Little Girl’, ‘Crashing High’ (Remix) as well as ‘Stigmata’ (Gothic Remix) in addition to the regular album tracks. The »Angels« re-release will be expanded through ‘Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams’ (2007), Only Fools Don't Fall Once More’ and ‘Never Say Die’ (single mix), whereas the re-issue of »Devils« includes ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, ‘Pitchblack’ and ‘Feel Berlin’ (single edit) as bonus material.

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Lost Boys 3:23
2 - Perfect Skin 3:45
3 - Brandon Lee 3:29
4 - Lost Without Love 4:01
5 - Feel Berlin 4:09
6 - The Chair 4:10
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Never Say Die (Single Mix) 3:31
2 - Gothic Girl 4:23
3 - Betty Blue 3:37
4 - Sister Of Charity 5:04
5 - Love Runs Away 4:23
6 - We Own The Night 3:58
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