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Deluxe Tour Edition of the outstanding "King of kings”" studio album by one of the leading bands in the symphonic/gothic metal genre. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. 60 pages, 28x28cm tourbook with exclusive photo footage of the world tour incl. Europe, Asia, Russia, North/South America. Contains two CDs and DVD with unreleased content including 4 bonus tracks, an exclusive "King of Kings" world tour documentation, all yet released video clips and a “Making Of - King Of Kings” (6 episodes).

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The list of achievements is long… And even though the union of vocalist Liv Kristine (one of the genre’s most adored characters who basically invented “Gothic Metal” with her former band Theatre Of Tragedy) and members of Atrocity was promising right away, it went on to exceed all expectations. Today LEAVES’ EYES are one of the most successful symphonic metal bands with a huge worldwide fan-following. The 6th studio album, titled “King Of Kings” now marks the highlight in the band’s history.

Again returning to the Norwegian roots, LEAVES’ EYES have woven an elaborate Viking concept story - based on historic events.

Another ace up their sleeve: the legendary choir ensemble “London Voices” (which already worked for blockbuster movie productions such as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars", "The Hobbit", "Harry Potter" and "Interstellar") was collaborating with the band on this new album, making it a truly epic experience.

On the following world tour LEAVES’ EYES took this experience to their fans all over the world. The Tour Edition of “King of Kings” now is a substantial documentary of this world tour containing an additional CD with 4 unreleased tracks. Furthermore it carries a DVD with an exclusive video documentary of the tour, all yet released video clips and the “making of” (6 episodes) of the album creation. The book contains high quality behind the scenes photo footage of the complete tour including Europe, Asia, Russia, North and South America on 60 pages (28x28cm). This Tour Edition is a testimonial of a truly epic world tour that every fan should have!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sweven 2:03
2 - King of kings 4:47
3 - Halvdan the Black 4:22
4 - The waking eye 4:41
5 - Feast of the year 0:37
6 - Vengeance venom 3:17
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Track list Total runtime
1 - The walking eye (Piano Version) 3:34
2 - Swords in rock (Acoustic Version) 3:07
3 - Vengeance venom (Acoustic Version) 3:24
4 - Sweven (Instermental Version) 2:03
5 - Vengeance venom (Acoustic Version) 4:47
6 - Halvdan the black (Acoustic Version) 4:22
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Track list Total runtime
1 - King of Kings (World tour documentary)
2 - Edge of steel (2016 Version)
3 - The waking eye
4 - King of Kings
5 - Halvdan the Black
6 - Road to King of Kings (Making of) [Part 1]
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