Rock Hard #381 Februar 2019 + AVANTASIA "More Moonglow" CD

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Rock Hard - #381 Februar 2019 + AVANTASIA "More Moonglow" CD
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German edition! #381 features the exclusive AVANTASIA "More Moonglow - The Rock Hard EP", which includes two songs from the upcoming "Moonglow" album ("Moonglow" & "The raven child"), three rare demo-versions of famous AVANTASIA songs, as well as a live-version.

Track list
"More Moonglow - The Rock Hard EP":
1. Moonglow
2. The Raven Child
3. The Scarecrow (Live At Wacken 2014)
4. Babylon Vampyres (Demo Version 2015)
5. Where Clock Hands Freeze (Demo Version 2012)
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