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Arte Arcana Lucifero

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Arte Arcana - Lucifero
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Lucifer is by far metal‘s most mentioned and revered of all villain. Heaven's outcast and dirty scoundrel, the mighty ruler of all that is below and a materialist bastard par excellence. Artist‘s Devil fascination and representation is overwhelming and is depicted ad nauseam, making Eliphas Levi‘s goat more popular than any other deity. This book includes artwork by 108 artists in total. Individually hand sewed binding, Individually stamped, signed and hand-numbered. High gloss hardback, Silk dust jacket . 252 pages printed on high-quality 150mgs paper. Limited to 500 books. 210 x 300mm. English language.

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Artists include: Abstract Chaos, Adolfo WB, Adrian Chappell, Alan Ashcraft, Alcides Burn, Alejandro Blasi, Alejandro D’Marco, Alen Grijakovic, Alessandro Fornea, Alessandro Sicioldr Bianchi, Alex Tartsus, Alexander Glukhov, Alexey Sivitsky, Alyssa ArtsLover, Andrej Bartulovic´, Andrzej Kuziola, Ariella Vaystukh, Arjen Kunnen, Artur Ryabow, Arturo Orta Camargo, Awik Balaian, Benjamin A. Vierling, Bjo¨rn Gooßes, Brendon Flynn, Brian D’Agosta, Brian Smith, Caelan Stokkermans, Carlos Fides, Christian Sloan Hall, Colin Marks, Credo quia Absurdum, Daniel Hofer, Daniele Valeriani, David Ocampo, Dean Fleming, Debronzes Art – Luthfi Bajank, Douglas Alvarenga, Dragan Paunovic, Eddy Talpo, Edu Nascimentto, Egregore Design, Fabrice Lavollay, Francisco Rivera and many more.

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