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Date City Country
2020-04-23 Boston, MA (The Middle East) US
2020-04-24 Quebec City, QC (Le D'Auteull) CA
2020-04-25 Montreal, QC (Foufounes Electrique) CA
2020-04-26 Toronto, ON (Lee's Palace) CA
2020-04-27 Detroit, MI (The Shelter) US
2020-04-28 Pittsburgh, PA (Crafthouse) US
2020-04-29 Virginia Beach, VA (Elevation 27) US
2020-05-01 Concord, NC (Epicenter) US
2020-05-01 Charlotte, NC (Epicenter Festival) US
2020-05-02 Louisville, KY (Diamond Pub) US
2020-05-03 Chicago, IL (Subterranean) US
2020-05-04 St. Louis, MO (Blueberry Hill) US
2020-05-06 Austin, TX (Barracuda) US
2020-05-07 Dallas, TX (Trees) US
2020-05-08 Houston, TX (White Oak Upstairs) US
2020-05-10 Daytona, FL (Rockville Festival) US
2020-05-11 Atlanta, GA (The Loft) US
2020-05-13 Baltimore, MD (Ottobar) US
2020-05-14 Philadelphia, PA (Underground Arts) US
2020-05-15 Syracuse, NY (The Lost Horizon) US
2020-06-11 Interlaken (Greenfield Festival) CH
2020-06-20 Clisson (Hellfest) FR
2020-06-26 Verona (Rock The Castle) IT
2020-07-10 Dunaujvaros (Rockmaraton) HU
2020-07-12 Tábor (Mighty Sounds) CZ
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