Seeking New Members

Seeking New Members - 2003-07-02

2003-07-02 - Reactivated Swedish death metallers DISSECTION, now featuring guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtvedt and ex-EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun, are looking for a rhythm/lead guitarist and bassist to complete the group's new lineup.

The band's official web site, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> , has posted the following requirements for the new members:

Profile 1: Rhythm/Lead Guitarist

"DISSECTION is looking for a technically skilled and professional rhythm/lead guitarist with great ambitions. Should possess superior will to progress and perfection. Must stand behind and be fully able to represent the anti-cosmic/Satanic concept of the band.

Profile 2: Bass Player

"DISSECTION is looking for a skilled and professional bass player with great ambitions. Must stand behind and be fully able to represent the Anti-cosmic/Satanic concept of the band.

"If you think you've got what it takes. Send a VHS video (not longer than five minutes) where you present your skills (for guitarist: both rhythm and lead) along with personal info, list of qualifications and earlier experiences (bands, studio, live, musical education, etc.), plus your e-mail/contact address/phone number.

"The best will later be called for auditions."

All material should be sent to:

Mail Box 209
111 73 Stockholm

Jon has reportedly completed work on a pre-production recording of 11 new songs, and is expecting to enter Abyss Studios sometime next year to record the group's third full-length effort. A tentative late 2004 release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.<br></br>(news taken from

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