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MACABRE - There is only one carnival coming to town this year!

MACABRE - There is only one carnival coming! - 2020-09-04

2020-09-04 - Come one! Come all, to the demented, heinous bloodbath of a murder metal circus that declares MACABRE’s return; Carnival Of Killers. As the band's first full-length album in almost 10 years and just in time for their 35th anniversary as a band, "Carnival Of Killers" will be released on November 13th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today, the band released the first single entitled, 'The Lake Of Fire', which can be seen here:

MACABRE's Corporate Death comments, "'The Lake Of Fire' is about the hidden bunker that Leonard Lake and Charles Ng had where they tortured and killed young women with tools and filmed it all. Those were two very evil men so I thought the title was fitting!!! I started writing the chorus back in our Grim Scary Tales era and finally finished the song all these years later for the new album Carnival Of Killers. I hope you like it, I wanted a lot of variety on the new album, this is just a taste."

"Carnival Of Killers" was recorded and mixed by Tomek Spirala of Studio1134 with the exception of drum tracks as he recorded them at Kiwi Audio with the help of Mark Walker. The mastering of "Carnival Of Killers" was handled by J.F. Dagenais at JFD Studios in Dallas, TX. The “Where’s Waldo” meets serial killer album artwork was created by Corporate Death (lead singer | guitarist Lance Lencioni) and artist Laz Gein and highlights the album's most memorable references.

Below is the "Carnival Of Killers" tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Your Window Is Open
3. Joe Ball Was His Name
4. Stinky
5. Abduction
6. Tea Cakes
7. Them Dry Bones
8. Richard Speck Grew Big Breasts
9. Slaughter House
10. Breaking Point
11. The Lake Of Fire
12. Warte, Warte
13. Now It’s Time To Pay
14. The Wheels On The Bug
15. Corpse Violator
16. The Murder Mack

"Carnival Of Killers" will be available in the following formats:

-CD Jewel
-Carnival Edition (Milky Clear w/ Red, Blue, Green & Yellow)
-Strangled Sky Edition (Blue/White Cloudy)
-Clown Splatter Edition ( Milky Clear with Rainbow splatter)

Pre-order your copy of "Carnival Of Killers" in the format of your choice here:

Pre-save the album to Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here:

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