MY DYING BRIDE - announce new album "The Ghost Of Orion" for March 2020, music video for "Your Broken Shore" about to be released on 10th January!

MY DYING BRIDE - announce new album! - 2020-01-03

2020-01-03 - Like a phoenix from the ashes, a legend rises again in 2020: MY DYING BRIDE went through tough some times in last years and fought many struggles along their way, but now the British doom metal band are proud to announce their new studio album "The Ghost Of Orion" for 6th March, 2020.

The new record of MY DYING BRIDE is the product of a vibrantly creative band that is more than willing to build on their successes in the past. Singer Aaron Stainthorpe about "The Ghost Of Orion":
"A new album for a new era of MY DYING BRIDE with fresh faces and a more accessible style compared to some of their past, highly technical releases. 'The Ghost of Orion' features compositions not only of epic proportions but of intimate quality too, from death metal vocals to the pained cries of a vocalist in longing, the L.P. will raise and fall like the beautiful landscape of Yorkshire in which it was recorded. With layer upon layer of guitars both heavy and harmonic, Andrew Craighan has created a rich soundscape that is beautifully epic, enhanced with violins and keys from Shaun MacGowan along with the ominous murmur of cello from acclaimed cellist Jo Quail. And speaking of guest artists, the wondrous voice of Lindy-Fay Hella (WARDRUNA) adds an ethereal beauty to the album. Adding his particular style of drumming this time round is Jeff Singer who’s’ percussion exploits have elevated the bands’ rhythm section to another level aided by the effortlessly stylish Lena Abe on bass guitar. Aaron Stainthorpe delivers a compelling and often disturbing performance with his own particular style of vocals offering sincere eulogies along with the visceral carnage of a soul in pain, with poetic lyrics of a quality not often seen in this genre. This collection of songs is the bands most brilliant yet, honing 30 years of experience into the well crafted offering that is 'The Ghost of Orion'."

Pre-order "The Ghost Of Orion" here:

Today, "The Ghost Of Orion" will be targeting our souls in form of the first single "Your Broken Shore" - a haunting, gloomy piece driven by melancholy and deep, dark emotions. A music video for this stunning masterpiece will be released on 10th January.
Check out the single here:

The album will be available as CD, black 2LP in Gatefold, white 2LP in Gatefold, red 2LP in Gatefold and picture 2LP in Gatefold.

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