Crime Always Pays


SWASHBUCKLE - Crime Always Pays

Released on: 2010-09-10

They are from New Jersey. They are a trio (well, a quartet if you count parrot „Shithead“). They were one of the lucky winners of 2008 issue of the international Nuclear Blast MySpace Band Contest and they will teach you how to thrash the right way! ARRRRRR! SWASHBUCKLE are not the average pirate metal band as one might think when it comes to this term. SWASHBUCKLE are just much more than that as they do have really strong feeling for what fits into the right place. Mixing punk influenced thrash with a hardcore edge and Caribbean / pirate themes makes SWASHBUCKLE so special, so extraordinary – so in yar face! The last album “Back To The Noose” was produced by GUNS N’ ROSES’ very own Ron „Bumblefoot“ Thal (who also played on it), that keeps up the dirty spirit of a plundering horde of rum drinking and cheering pirates, All those sing-alongs, tropical parts and interludes as well as the brutal thrashing metal (think of S.O.D, ANTHRAX, EXODUS and SLAYER) will definitely rock every barbecue in 2010 and beyond! Many successful tours in America and Europe and some special shows like Wacken paved the way till to where the band is today! Now Swashbuckle are back with their new output “Crime Always Pays…” and a new drummer called Bootsmann Collins. “Crime always pays...” is thus once again a punch in your face and teaches you how pirates make music in 2010! „ Crime Always Pays is our heaviest and fastest record to date. It'll tear your head off of your neck and shove a pegleg in your eye-sockets. We're proud to have Nuclear Blast release this malicious metal madness, and we're sure you'll all be pleased with the shennanigans that are about to ensue. Thrash Hard, Mosh Fast, and Leave a Decaying Corpse swingin' from the noose! AVAST!“ Admiral Nobeard | SWASHBUCKLE

Track list
1 - Slowly Wept The Sea
2 - We Are The Storm
3 - This Round's On YOU!
4 - Powder Keg
5 - Where Victory Is Penned
6 - Of Hooks And Hornswogglers
7 - A Time Of Wooden Ships & Iron Men
8 - Crime Always Pays
9 - Raw Doggin' At The Raw Bar
10 - The Gallow's Pole Dancer
11 - Legacy's Allure
12 - At The Bottom Of A Glass
13 - To Steal A Life
14 - You Bring The Cannon, We'll Bring The Balls
15 - Surf-N-Turf (For Piratical Girth)
16 - Rope's End