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In Passing


INDICA - In Passing

Released on: 2010-06-04

Two tours with Nightwish, one platinum and two golds in Finland, numerous top-ten singles - for Indica it seems that the only way is up. Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish, who discovered the band and gave them his support, said: " Indica has such sights to show you! You will be spellbound for a lifetime!" But let’s start from the beginning: the Finnish girl group was founded in 2001 by schoolmates Jonsu (vocals, violin, guitar, keyboards, theremin) and Heini (bass), who had played together in a children’s string orchestra. Their line-up was soon completed by Sirkku (keyboards, clarinet, piano), Jenny (guitar) and Laura (drums, percussion). Five beautiful girls with just one thing in common: as fully fledged musicians, they’re all light years away from casting shows and musical triviality. And they’re also great friends. "You can’t predict success", says singer and lyricist Jonsu, "so I didn’t think about it much". Nevertheless, success came their way pretty quickly: in 2003, they signed their first recording contract and began work on their debut album, "Ikuinen Virta", which spent 30 weeks in the Finnish charts and reached platinum sales. Like going from zero to 60 in three seconds, they’ve taken their country by storm with their contemporary mix of pop, rock, exotic instruments, Finnish melancholy and mystical, nature-inspired lyrics. The press promptly coined a neat description: mystic romantic pop. The band has since released three more albums in Finland, two of which went gold, remaining in the charts for weeks. The last of the three, "Valoissa" (2008), was produced by Nightwish boss Holopainen who was also involved in mixing the band’s new album "A Way Away". It is a compilation of Indica’s best songs, re-recorded in English for the international market. The recordings were co-produced by Roland Spremberg (A-ha and Him, among others) and mixed by Mark Schettler (Simply Red, Bullet for my Valentine, just to mention a few). " I had butterflies in my tummy when I first sang the English lyrics", Jonsu remembers and listeners will as well when they hear "A Way Away", an album filled with lush soundscapes and rich emotion. "Alongside nature, film soundtracks have the biggest influence on me", says the 26-year-old songwriter. So now there’s only one thing left to do: just press play - and let yourself be spellbound.

Track list Total runtime
1 - In Passing (radio edit) 3:38
2 - In Passing (alternative mix) 3:01
3 - In Passing (instrumental)