The Wicked Symphony


AVANTASIA - The Wicked Symphony

Released on: 2010-04-03

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Despite his busy lifestyle and another two world tours TOBIAS SAMMET spent the few free weeks in 2008 and 2009 in the studio to work together with producer Sascha Paeth on new AVANTASIA-material which is now in the form of the albums ”The Wicked Symphony” and ”Angel Of Babylon” just before its release (April 3rd). Like the former masterpieces there will be breathtaking performances of numerous guest stars for the fans. So the majority of the drums was recorded with KISS-drummer ERIC SINGER, ex-KISS-guitarist BRUCE KULICK did many lead guitars and JUDAS PRIEST-fans are able to look forward to the cooperation with RIPPER OWENS. In addition to it there is the duet of TOBIAS and SCORPIONS-front man KLAUS MEINE on the hymnal earwig ”Dying For An Angel”. For this song there also has been a video shooting. April 3rd is the day for the fans of handmade bombast rock to convict themselves of the quality of two majestic creations; creations of an artist who roamed the world to show that there will be rock from Germany again.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Wicked Symphony 9:28
2 - Wastelands 4:44
3 - Scales Of Justice 5:04
4 - Dying For An Angel 4:32
5 - Blizzard On A Broken Mirror 6:07
6 - Runaway Train 8:42
7 - Crestfallen 4:02
8 - Forever Is A Long Time 5:05
9 - Black Wings 4:37
10 - States Of Matter 3:57
11 - The Edge 4:12