Dark Matter Dimensions


SCAR SYMMETRY - Dark Matter Dimensions

Released on: 2009-10-02

When their debut “Symmetric In Design” popped up all of a sudden back in 2005, metalheads knew there’s something really big on the horizon. SCAR SYMMETRY managed to melt so many different styles together – Swedish melodic death metal with deepest growls, brilliant clean vocals, huge refrains, massive shredding, astonishing melodies and impressive soloing with a progressive approach to all of it without losing any kind of catchiness.

When signing to Nuclear Blast and releasing their much anticipated new record “Pitch Black Progress” in 2006, the band had evolved so much and reached higher spheres – in the media as well as in the metal community. From then on everyone was convinced SCAR SYMMETRY is more than just another metal band.

Enter 2008, the second album for the long running German label, “Holographic Universe”, took the band not only a few more steps up. It crushed into the German Media Control Charts at position #68 in its first week of sale! What a tremendous success!

Shortly after this fantastic achievement, the band parted ways with their singer Christian Älvestam – a shock to many, but SCAR SYMMETRY knew the deal when replacing him with Roberth “Robban” Karlsson (DEVIAN, FACEBREAKER, EDGE OF SANITY, etc) & Lars Palmqvist for harsh and clean vocals.

Although no one would have thought an extraordinary singer like Älvestam could be replaced, SCAR SYMMETRY are truly back and stronger than ever! Robban and Lars did an amazing job on “Dark Matter Dimensions” – and so did the rest of the group! The growls even more brutal, the clear vocals even more emotional and moving and the music sticks to what you know from SCAR SYMMETRY, yet mastermind Jonas Kjellgren managed to push his boys into a slightly more progressive direction without losing their punching death metal approach!

“Dark Matter Dimensions” is what critics call “evolution” or “development” which is missed on so many records these days. SCAR SYMMETRY continue to walk their path, but are broadening it with every record, with every song they put out!

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Iconoclast 5:07
2 - The Consciousness Eaters 4:42
3 - Noumenon And Phenomenon 4:14
4 - Ascension Chamber 3:48
5 - Mechanical Soul Cybernetics 3:27
6 - Nonhuman Era 4:45
7 - Dark Matter Dimensions 4:12
8 - Sculpture Void 5:23
9 - A Paranthesis In Eternity 4:42
10 - Frequencyshifter 3:15
11 - Radiant Strain 4:16
12 - Pariah (Digi bonus track) 5:23

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