Need To Believe


GOTTHARD - Need To Believe

Released on: 2009-09-04

It seems that for a number of years, bands solely from the USA or Britain used to write Rock History but that’s history now as Switzerland has started writing their own chapter. The beautiful little alpine country presents one of the most impressing, high class and overwhelming candidate, who is going to set the ultimate pattern for all amazing contents, mighty values and electrifying power that the one term “Rock” stands for. This special and incomparable combo is even taking a step further – it defines Rock in a new sense! Stronger, heavier and full of deep touching melodies than ever before in that genre. Even well known and successful producers from overseas recognized that auspicious fire of these unique artists burning far away in the Alps and especially one specialist felt infected by GOTTHARD. We are talking about Canadian producer Rich Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush), who was dying to cooperate with them. Just a few days later he travelled to Tessin to start an intense process of working together with the guys on their new material. With more than two millions sold records, it’s clear that GOTTHARD know how to rock but they did never rest on their laurels! Three times triple platinum, four times double platinum, four times platinum, one gold single, and the official hymn for the Swiss Olympic team. In summer 2004,along with a series of sold out concerts, including the Zurich dome a German tour with Rock legend DEEP PURPLE, followed where they played to a capacity crowd to more than 75.000 people, GOTTHARD are recognized as Switzerland’s most successful band ever. Of course it is not just the incredibly data, which distinguish GOTTHARD. Moreover they have plenty of charm, style, and amenity and represents timeless, ambitious authenticity, which made them unique indeed worldwide. With lead singer Steve Lee they dispose one on the best singers of all times. His characteristic, strong, touching and deeply moving voice with rich faculty of expressions is glowing everybody, audience and colleagues in equal measure. No wonder that Steve could work together with great names in music history as an orchestral project with well known Jon Lord (DEEP PURPLE) or moreover an enchanting duet with famous opera diva Montserrat Caballe (“One Life, One Soul”). GOTTHARD managed in even harder times, embossed by recession and dropping CD sales, to forge ahead without any compromises and to succeed and to win the peoples choice for appreciation and the ultimate perfection similarly! Particularly with regard to the “Lipservice” release in 2005 GOTTHARD achieved their mighty breakthrough on a top international level. Amazing shows in whole Europe were followed by frenetically celebrated gigs in far away counties like Japan, Russia or Brazil. One of the unbeatable recipes for success is definitely GOTTHARDS constant line up: The original cast still exist: Marc Lynn (bass guitar), Hena Habegger (drums), Leo Leoni (guitar) and extra ordinary singer Steve Lee. Some years ago Freddy Scherer came to strengthen the team with a second guitar player and completed the awesome group in a perfect way with his fascinating personality. GOTTHARD embodies like almost no other band pure delight in playing and work on the other hand very professional and aim-oriented. A quality feature which is also going to be badge with their new record release on September 4th called “Need To Believe”. In cooperation with the famous producer Rick Chicky (Aerosmith…) does a musical creation arise, which is able to combine emotional Rock songs with haunting mainstream elements in perfect harmony. An album which convinces with rough, dynamic and hasty attitudes but stands also for experience, maturity and composure. Many of the Tracks you will find on “Need To Believe“ proof hard as bone that GOTTHARD is an amazing Rock band without any compromises. Songs as the diverse and dazzling „Shangri La“ or the rock hymn „Need To Believe“ demonstrate the all-embracing contribution GOTTHARD make in the scene. And in addition to that they confess their emotional, touching and adorable side once more, which decorate them from the beginning on. To chose the album title „Need To Believe“ was a sophisticated and well-known decision, as mastermind Steve Lee explains „Especially in hard times like this, coined by many crises and problems, you need to believe in something! Just remember the adage; a will is able to move mountains. If you think positive and won’t give up, you will win at the end that is for sure! We have always believed in that credo!” To make it short: An album that title reflects the whole content: GOTTHARD stands for the next Rock generation, who will follow their own way without any influences and trends to enrich and enchant the music world over and over again. But that is not all: In April 2010 GOTTHARD will celebrate their own first movie soundtrack for “Max Schmeling”. You cannot deny – that’s GOTTHARD! It doesn’t matter whether musically or geographically – GOTTHARD is the biggest and mightiest embodiment of Switzerland!!! Don’t miss it!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Shangri-la 4:06
2 - Unspoken Words 4:16
3 - Need To Believe 3:57
4 - Unconditional Faith 3:36
5 - I Don’t Mind 3:14
6 - Break Away 3:59
7 - Don’t Let Me Down 4:16
8 - Right From Wrong 3:42
9 - I Know, You Know 5:17
10 - Rebel Soul 3:26
11 - Tears To Cry 4:21
12 - Ain’t Enough (digi bonustrack)
13 - Speed Of Light (japan bonustrack)