Carved In Stone


RAGE - Carved In Stone

Released on: 2008-02-22

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  • RAGE Carved in stone / Speak of the dead CLASSIC SERIES RAGE
    Carved in stone / Speak of the dead CLASSIC SERIES
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No rest for the wicked! Only two years after the blasting last output "Speak Of The Dead" and one year after the impressive CD/DVD-set "Live In St. Petersburg", several tours and festivals, RAGE are back with their next effort: "Carved In Stone".

While "Speak Of The Dead" continued the symphonic concept of "Lingua Mortis" from 1996, "Carved In Stone" is a "regular" RAGE album – but still a special one: It´s easily the heaviest one since "Black in Mind" from 1995. 10 songs, 10 smashers, 10 grenades – full throttle ahead! Thrashy, powerful Metal at it´s best!

Again, singer/bass player Peavy Wagner and guitar wizard Victor Smolski are showing what an impressive songwriting team they became over the past years of their collaboration. Also the integration of a new bandmember, Drummer Andre Hilgers, passed off without any problems: The drumming is full of fresh ideas, pounding, dynamic and challenging at the same time. RAGE are a unity again!

This time, the band wanted to focus on straight songs without experiments – spiced with heavy riffs and haunting melodies. "Carved In Stone" is unbelievably heavy and catchy at the same time.

The band recorded the album with long time engineer Charly Czajkowski, the mixing duties were once again overtaken by the legendary Charlie Bauerfeind. Count on a splendid production.

" Carved In Stone" is another milestone in the long-running history of this German Metal legend and will surely not disappoint any fan!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Carved In Stone 5:21
2 - Drop Dead! 4:13
3 - Gentle Murders 4:12
4 - Open My Grave 4:40
5 - Without You 5:45
6 - Long Hard Road 4:37
7 - One Step Ahead 5:04
8 - Lost In The Void 4:14
9 - Mouth Of Greed 3:56
10 - The Lord Of The Flies 5:45