Made In Switzerland


GOTTHARD - Made In Switzerland

Released on: 2006-04-28

There are moments that one always remembers. The 8th December 2005 in the Zurich Hallenstadion is one of those special nights. The lights dim and the seconds of darkness before the show begins are filled with the cheering of thousands of people. It is the fantastic end of the most extensive and successful tour that the Swiss rock band Gotthard has ever completed. It’s the final European concert from a band that even after 15 years is still pushing the boundaries. The microphones and cameras record not only the music of “Mountain Mama”, “Heaven” or “Lift U Up” but also the magical atmosphere that Gotthard concerts produce, especially tonight. The resulting Live CD and Bonus DVD entitled ”Made in Switzerland” embodies this quality. Since their formation more than 15 years ago they have been as consistent as Swiss clockwork. The second guitar position was filled permanently by Freddy Scherer only two years ago; the remaining four have been a fixed team since the creation of the band. This consistency translates to top form on the stage every night. The “Lipservice” tour, with sold-out venues in Germany and Switzerland as well as Span and France, showed a live band in a class of its own: a sound that melts on your senses like the finest Swiss chocolate. Five professionals who give their all night after night and demonstrate their character with every note they play. The current album “Lipservice” proves that Gotthard is one of those rare bands to dare a step back to its roots, to show that there is no more fun in the world than a rip-roaring rock song. The exuberant reaction from the press and fans, a few days after the tour started, was exciting. Gotthard demonstrated once again that good old solid rock ‘n’ roll is timeless. Gotthard is at home both on a small stage and in a giant stadium, showing off its impressive authenticity, spontaneity and vitality in the endless range of old and new hits. “Made in Switzerland” can be enjoyed at home in both audio and DVD quality. New explosive hits such as ``All We Are``, ``Anytime Anywhere`` or ``Lift U Up`` have the same intensive impact as the old popular songs of the standards ``Mountain Mama``, ``Sister Moon`` or ``One Life, One Soul``. For this production, Gotthard used for the first time the largest indoor venue that Switzerland has to offer; the Zürich Hallenstadion. Here they wrote a small piece of rock history, as one of the few bands able to build on their success throughout Europe with the production of their 9th Studio Album. As the most currently successful Swiss Rock band, they claim yet another record; “Lipservice” is the most successful national album and the 3rd most successful internationally in 2005 (just short of double platinum). A band originating from little Switzerland, internationally significant; a group of superb musicians supporting the exceptional voice of Steve Lee – this is a band which makes a great impression! “Made in Switzerland” captures and communicates the amazing shivers you get when listening. It not only displays quality and consistency but also crystallizes into one of the truly great moments. DVD (112min) Bonusmaterial : “Making Of Hallenstadion Show” “Making Of Video Anytime, Anywhere mit Jenny” + Fotogallerie + Videos “Anytime,Anywhere, Lift U UP, Dream On”

Track list Total runtime
1 - All We Are 4:29
2 - Dream On 3:31
3 - Hush 4:52
4 - Mountain Mama 4:24
5 - Let It Be 6:41
6 - Top Of The World 4:12
7 - I Wonder 4:27
8 - Said And Done 4:04
9 - One Life One Soul 3:54
10 - Nothing Left At All 3:58
11 - Sister Moon 4:13
12 - Mighty Quinn 4:30
13 - In The Name 3:43
14 - Heaven 6:32
15 - Lift U Up 3:42
16 - Anytime, Anywhere 5:57
17 - Immigrant Song 4:43