Speak Of The Dead


RAGE - Speak Of The Dead

Released on: 2006-03-24

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    Carved in stone / Speak of the dead CLASSIC SERIES
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After their 20th anniversary in 2005 and the sensational live album "From The Cradle To The Stage", the German metal institution RAGE started working on their next album without a break, Full throttle – that’s definitely the philosophy for this band!
The album "Speak Of The Dead" is their seventeenth. That’s a number that commands respect in every way. No line up-changes or problems within the band were able to stop the fulfilment of mastermind Peter "Peavy" Wagners vision. The new album "Speak Of The Dead" is the next step in the long running track record of the international three-piece. The technical abilities of the "new" line up (this is already the fourth album with Victor Smolski (Guitar, ex-MIND ODYSSEY) and Mike Terrana (Drums, AXEL RUDI PELL, etc.) are incredible. Previous albums like "Unity" or "Soundchaser" showed that the guys still have new ideas and fresh influences.
This time, RAGE revitalized an old idea in order to build something huge. "Suite Lingua Mortis" (divided into eight parts), with which "Speak Of The Dead" begins, is the continuation of the classic influenced period of RAGE. Albums like "Lingua Mortis", "XIII" or "Ghosts" had a big impact on the metal scene. The suite on the new album was recorded with the symphonic orchestra of the city of Minsk (White Russia, where Victor is from) – and it just sounds amazing! The second part of the album contains powerful and progressive metal songs in the vein of the last two albums – except for the more varied song writing. Tracks like "Soul Survivor" or "Full Moon" are both impressive statements of really massive riffing and catchy hooks. "Full Moon" was also recorded in different languages (spanish, russian, german, etc.), which can be heard on the special editions of the record. RAGE shot a video for the new track "No Fear". which is included on the soundtrack for a German independent psycho-thriller called “Ludgers Fall”. The band shot the video for the track on the island of Föhr, located in the North Sea. It will feature scenes from the movie as well as the band performance.

Once again RAGE manages to please and surprise the fans. In 2006 Rage means: No boundaries, great ideas and unforgettable songs, performed by unbelievably good musicians.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Morituri Te Salutant (instr.) 0:57
2 - Prelude Of Souls (instr.) 2:46
3 - Innocent 5:36
4 - Depression (instr.) 1:12
5 - No Regrets 4:52
6 - Confusion (instr.) 1:45
7 - Black (instr.) 0:51
8 - Beauty 3:53
9 - No Fear 5:31
10 - Soul Survivor 3:41
11 - Full Moon 4:53
12 - Kill Your Gods 5:13
13 - Turn My World Around 3:58
14 - Be With Me Or Be Gone 3:47
15 - Speak Of The Dead 4:06