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Rocket Ride


EDGUY - Rocket Ride

Released on: 2006-01-20

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EDGUY started as a high school band in 1992 playing traditional metal. Mainly intended to be a counterpoint to the Grunge music, which was incredibly popular at that time. The fourteen years old friends made the first musical steps with covering songs from their favourite bands DEEP PURPLE, KISS, AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN, but soon started doing their own thing.

After almost five years, with numerous attempts to attract attention of a record company, AFM Records finally gave EDGUY the chance to prove themselves. Between 1997 and 2003, EDGUY released five studio albums, each one, an improvement to the predecessor, and the band gained a bigger and bigger fanbase. The fresh and saucy spirit of EDGUY and their charismatic singer Tobias Sammet – live permanently fooling around – extended the band's popularity quickly. And within a few years, EDGUY got known as one of the most entertaining live acts.

"Mandrake" released in 2001 became the band's "big hit": Brimmed with charming melodies, powerful riffs and great choruses, the record entered the top 20 in several European charts and led to EDGUY's first big headliner tour which took them to 23 countries on four different continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the USA). The tour lasted more than a year and bestowed EDGUY absolute success all over the world.

In October 2003 Edguy signed to Nuclear Blast and recorded "King Of Fools". Released in February 2004, the EP featured, besides the groovy title track, four high-class non-album-tracks. The first press reactions for "Hellfire Club" already pointed out the undeniable fact: With this album, EDGUY surpassed themselves once again. No matter if you take the melodic heavy-smasher 'Mysteria', the riff-monster 'Under The Moon" or the happy 'Lavatory Love Machine', there's simply no blackout on this album.

After a short break, EDGUY followed up with the sensational EP/DVD "Superheroes", an appetizer for "Rocket Ride", the brand new album. Now it’s time to prepare for the ride – the most memorable ride you’ll ever have. "Rocket Ride". Tobi Sammet on the new masterpiece: "The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth at the infamous Gate studios in Wolfsburg. It was the first time that we've recorded basics like drums, bass and rhythm-guitars live in one room, all at the same time (which is really unusual, unless you’re AC/DC and it’s 1979). It was all recorded on analogue 2-inch tape and later on transferred to digital medium. That way we had the tape-machine’s compression in order to get a warmer, but still powerful sound with depth. We’ve spent quite some time experimenting with sounds. In the past we recorded all songs in Fulda, flew the recordings to Finland and got them mixed there by someone else. This time we had the advantage of having Sascha supervising everything from start to finish and helping to arrange and record things the way they needed to be done to get the best possible sound. A few weeks into the production Sascha decided to expand and build a new studio next door with even better equipment just to mix and master. "Rocket Ride" is the first production to be mixed in his "Studio B" and listening to the results we believe Sascha will set new standards with this studio work. Recording and mixing each song individually instead of using one template or set-pattern for all tracks assures that each song is technically in the best possible shape and that a sound fits a specific song perfectly. That’s why there’s such much variety in terms of sounds on the album. We can proudly announce, that we did an album, that some other bands wouldn’t have dared to do, but in the end it worked because it’s still as Edguy as it could be. Enjoy the rocket ride..."

Mark his words while you’re listening to happy-dappy pearls like "Superheroes" or "Rocket Ride"! The first edition will come along with two bonus-tracks, one anthemic midtempo song by the name of "Fucking With Fire (Hairforce One)" and a slower tune called "Standing In The Rain".

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sacrifice 8:01
2 - Rocket Ride 4:47
3 - Wasted Time 5:48
4 - Martrix 4:09
5 - Return To The Tribe 6:06
6 - The Asylum 7:38
7 - Save Me 3:47
8 - Catch Of The CenturySave Me 4:02
9 - Out Of Vogue 4:36
10 - Superheroes 3:19
11 - Trinidad 3:28
12 - Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One) 4:22
13 - Land Of Miracle (live) (digi only)