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EDGUY - Superheroes

Released on: 2005-09-05

After the trip through the disreputable "Hellfire Club" the funny five from Fulda (Germany) come back with a new EP, which title perfectly describes what many fans believes the band to be: "Superheroes". Value for money: The EP features five exclusive tracks and will be sold for the price of a single. Even Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN, ex-SupaRed, ex-Avantasia), who left the metal scene, has a fantastic guest appearance. Should be reason enough to buy the record…

Tobi Sammet comments on the EP: "The title track, 'Superheroes', is a groovy mid-tempo song with a killer hook line in the chorus. Our producer, Sascha Paeth, added some new sound elements to that song. But hold your breath: I mean in a good way!"

"It's a good song, one of the few that isn't too heavy, and adds some new flavour to our sound. Just like 'Holy Water' two years ago. Then we got a song called 'Judas at the Opera', it's a long epic song with choirs, orchestral elements, tempo changes from fast to slow and majestic anthemic melodies. I am really amazed of how diversified we sound in 2005. Later on we will let you know about how we record this time. You wouldn't believe - many bands are proud about how many months they record, we can brag that we recorded the basics live — all at the same time! I know, you may think that's usually the case. Well, in 1968 it was, now we got the age of auto tune, when every tone-deaf crow can become a teenage idol! And we do our shit live in the studio and just spice it up with third and fourth guitar tracks, replace a few fuck-ups and add vocals and keyboards. It's so groovy, sounds so 'real' and powerful."

Simultaneous with the EP, there will also be released a DVD ("Superheroes – The DVD"). Except for the title track, the content is completely different on both products. The DVD contains the video to "Superheroes", live recordings from Brasil (filmed by 12 cameras), an extensive studio report with interviews, backstage madness and much more. 80 Minutes length for the price of a DVD-Single.

Sammet: "On the DVD there's gonna be the video for 'Superheroes', this will be the most hilarious piece of a music film ever done since TWISTED SISTER's old clips. You wouldn't believe how much money we 'wasted' on it, just to have so much fun. And if you think music and humor don't go together, don't even dare to watch it, haha!"

EDGUY commenced as a schoolmate's band in 1992, playing traditional metal. Mainly intended to be a counterpoint to the Grunge music, which was incredibly popular at that time, the fourteen years old friends made the first musical steps with covering songs from their favourite bands DEEP PURPLE, KISS, AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN, but soon switched over to do their own thing.
After almost five years, filled with attempts to attract attention of a record company, AFM Records finally gave EDGUY the chance to prove themselves. Between 1997 and 2003, EDGUY released five studio albums, each one an improvement to the predecessor, and parallel to that melioration the band gained more and more fans. Especially the fresh and saucy spirit of EDGUY and their simpatico singer Tobias Sammet – live permanently fooling around – extended the band's popularity quickly. And within only a few years, EDGUY got known as one of the most entertaining acts on stage.
"Mandrake" in 2001 became the band's "big hit": Brimmed with charming melodies, powerful riffs and great refrains to sing along, the record entered the top 20 in several European charts and led to EDGUY's first big headliner tour which took them to 23 countries on four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the USA). The tour lasted more than a year and bestowed EDGUY absolute success all over the world.

In October 2003 the Germans changed the record label, got signed to Nuclear Blast.
The first album of this collaboration, "Hellfire Club" exceeded all expectations…

"Superheroes" is another milestone in the history of EDGUY. But: The journey of the band has only begun…

Track list Total runtime
1 - Superheroes 3:17
2 - Spooks In The Attic 4:01
3 - Blessing In Disguise 4:13
4 - Judas At The Opera 7:18
5 - The Spirit 3:48
6 - Superheroes (Epic Version) 3:09