Live Revolution


CREMATORY - Live Revolution

Released on: 2005-09-19

After the sensational comeback and the corresponding single "Greed" as well as the album "Revolution", which both conquered the German charts right away, the documentation of the outstanding reunion show at last years Wave Gotik Treffen Leipig follows. 3000 visitors attended the concert in the sold out hall in order to celebrate the comeback together with CREMATORY. There can be no better scenery for a video shooting and the belonging sound recording. These emotional pictures and sounds were conserved on DVD and CD for all eternity and will be released on the 5th of September 2005 in the form of two packages with identical contents. One package will be a DVD including the CD or the other way round the CD including the DVD. The DVD contains the comeback show, filmed by 10 cameras, plus the 3 video clips, which where produced to the "Revolution" album. These are "Greed", "Revolution" and the new video "Tick Tack" – also used as soundtrack to the film "Con Game". Also featured: Photo galleries of the live concerts, video shootings and photo sessions. Backstage scenes, private pictures, a Interview to the comeback, as well as many specials, which enable the fan to have a look behind the scenes of Germany`s leading Gothic Metal band. On the CD there is included a 60 minute live recording of the comeback show from the Wave Gotik Treffen 2004, on which the emotions of the concert where captured in a brilliant sound. A must for every fan of the band who wasn´t able to see the band live to date. But also for people who attended many of the band´s concerts - these can take home their private CREMATORY show. Believe in you, and especially in CREMATORY!

Disc 1
Track list
0 - DvD
1 - Live in concert Wave Gotik Treffen 2004
Disc 2
Track list
0 - CD1
1 - Resurrection
2 - Wake Up
3 - Fly
4 - Greed
5 - Angel Of Fate
6 - Tears Of Time
7 - Revolution
8 - The Fallen
9 - Tick Tack
10 - ist es wahr
11 - Open Your Eyes
12 - Temple Of Love
13 - Greed (Video)
14 - Revolution (Video)
15 - Tick Tack (Video)
16 - Backstagereport
17 - Discography
18 - Photogalleries
19 - Interview
20 - Specials
Disc 3
Track list
0 - CD2
1 - Live in concert – Wave Gotik Treffen 2004