Blood Bound


HAMMERFALL - Blood Bound

Released on: 2005-01-28

The swedish templars of metal are on their fifth crusade and proudly present their first single “Blood Bound” from their upcoming new record “Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken”. HAMMERFALL stand for powerful, majestic, true and melodic Heavy Metal. “Blood Bound” is their latest hymn which shows the swedish act from their traditional side. A chorus you will keep in your mind forever, straigh and heavy riffs, the thundering drums and the pounding bass power – and the outstanding vocals of Joacim Cans. This time Hector, the mighty warrior well known from all the HAMMERFALL covers, breaks the ice with his hammer and shows the metal world that our swedish friends are blood bound with everybody following their mission to fullfill every metal heart around the globe with their kind of Heavy Metal. Like on “Crimson Thunder”, HAMMERFALL produced again with Charlie Bauernfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween and others), who shows again that he belongs to the top producers in metal of all time. This time HAMMERFALL decided to produce in Denmark at the famous Lundgaard studios in Veijen (Subway To Sally and others), while the mix was done at the Mi Sueno studios in Teneriffe. HAMMERFALL sound strong again – “Blood Bound” is the best example that they could even top the high quality of “Crimson Thunder”. On march, 07th the new longplayer “Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken” will be released; many people might be surprised about the variety. HAMMERFALL became one of the leading and most successfull metal acts of our time. Their debut album “Glory To the Brave” entered the German charts on position 38; in a time when nobody thought about classical Heavy Metal. The following records reached even higher positions and even gold status in their homecountry of Sweden. Last year the live documentary “One Crimson Night” was released on 2CD and DVD, which featured an unforgettable show in Gothenburg in front of almost 4.000 crzay HAMMERFALL fans. That night the band also received gold for “Crimson Thunder” in Sweden. Now “Blood Bound” shows what the band was working on within the last year. There is also an instrumental/karaoke version on the album, which is linked with a competition, where teh fans can sent to Nuclear Blast their version of “Blood Bound” and win a meet and greet with the swish templars on their upcoming shows in april 2005. Be aware of the hammer – and remember that a metal heart is hard to tear apart!

Track list
1 - Blood Bound
2 - Blood Bound (instrumental)
4 - Enhanced Part (screensaver & wallpaper)
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