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Helsinki Vampires


THE 69 EYES - Helsinki Vampires

Released on: 2004-07-12

THE 69 EYES are a phenomenon. Not only do they look like they just have risen from an Anne Rice novel, they also play music straight out of the crypt: Their sexy mixture of Gothic and Rock n'Roll with the deep vampire-like voice of singer Jyrki 69 gives you shivers down the spine and makes you wanna dance on graves in the moonlight.

Nuclear Blast brings you THE 69 EYES' stunning DVD "Helsinki Vampires". Offering a complete concert in the famous Tavastia club in Helsinki, eight video clips, backstage footage, interviews, a documentary of THE 69 EYES in Russia and more, this gloomy release leaves nothing to be desired. So watch out for your necks – Helsinki's vampires are here to cast a spell on you! Formed in the early nineties, the band has travelled a long and dark road to become what they are today – the band is defined as the saviours of Gothic Rock. And not only Gothic, their cross-over success gathers the audience from Black Metal kids to late-night AOR-loving secretaries to screaming teeny poppers.
The DVD "Helsinki Vampires" was released in 2004 all over the world by Nuclear Blast.


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