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Live Discharge


DESTRUCTION - Live Discharge

Released on: 2004-03-08

Since the 1980’s DESTRUCTION live has been a real adventure. Mike, firing off one thrash riff after the next while giant Schmier’s belabouring bass and microphone, fascinate fans. Reason enough to finally set up an optical live document.
"Live Discharge – 20 Years Of Total Destruction" is the first DVD ever released by DESTRUCTION and features live footage – filmed at the Wacken Open Air 2002, the With Full Force 2003 and the venue Z7 in Pratteln (CH) – plus the live CD "Alive Devastation" plus diverse bonus material including clips, interviews, backstage footage, additional live material and more.

Founded 1983 in the little south German town Weil am Rhein DESTRUCTION soon enlivened their career with both thrash hammers "Sentence Of Death" and "Infernal Overkill". These two albums became standards of the German thrash metal scene and inspired many other bands to follow. Only a few years later in the middle of the 1980’s DESTRUCTION reached the top and got considered as Europe's leading band concerning uncompromising thrash metal.

For "Eternal Devastation", Schmier (bass, vocals), Mike (guitar) and Tommy (drums) set off for a headlining tour through Europe with KREATOR and RAGE, which turned out to be a great success. In 1987 drummer Tommy left DESTRUCTION and got replaced by Olly, additionally Harry joined the band on second guitar. After the release of the "Mad Butcher" mini LP DESTRUCTION toured the USA, South America and Southern Europe.
In 1989 a drastic change convulsed the band: fronter Schmier left DESTRUCTION during the recordings of "Cracked Brain". Guest singer Andre (POLTERGEIST) completed the unrecorded vocals, but ultimately the album was not well received. DESTRUCTION laid low until 1999 when Mike and Schmier decided to reform the band to fulfil immense press and fan demand. Together with a new drummer, Sven, they started a glorious comeback, celebrating live at the biggest German festivals Bang Your Head, Wacken and With Full Force.

The new album "All Hell Breaks Loose", recorded in Peter Tägtgren's (HYPOCRISY) famous Abyss Studios in Sweden, easily could match old band classics like "Infernal Overkill" and "Eternal Devastation" and led DESTRUCTION to a new personal thrash epoch entering the German charts at position 64. "The Antichrist" and "Metal Discharge" (featuring new drummer Marc) continued the triumphal procession of DESTRUCTION, ass-kicking albums with pushing brutality.
Just as DESTRUCTION never left the scene – thrash forever!
Enjoy this thrash feast par excellence with your cartridge-armoured hosts DESTRUCTION. The exact ingredients for people never having attended a DESTRUCTION gig before as well as fans who can never get enough of this thrash legend on stage and in detail.

Live Discharge DVD additional footage:

- Australia Tour special by the "OZ" Metal warriors - Interview/Documentary - Video clips "Desecrators (of The New Age)" and "Ravenous Beast - '80s footage incl. "Bestial Invasion" clip - Bonus material from With Full Force and Metal Days - Discography with audio files - Picture gallery - Live cuts from NB festival Stuttgart Live CD "Alive Devastation": Intro - Curse The Gods Nailed To The Cross Eternal Ban Machinery Of Lies Bullets From Hell Tears Of Blood Life Without Sense Thrash Till Death Mad Butcher The Butcher Strikes Back Intro - Total Desaster Invincible Force Bestial Invasion

Track list
1 - Curse the Gods
2 - Nailed to the Cross Wacken Before-The-Show Special
3 - Eternal Ban
4 - Mad Butcher
5 - Life Without Sense
6 - Machinery Of Lies
7 - Thrash Till Death DESTRUCTION On-Tour Special
8 - Metal Discharge
9 - The Butcher Strikes Back
10 - Tears of Blood
11 - Antichrist/Reject Emotions/Release From Agony (medley)
12 - Drum Solo / Tormentor DESTRUCTION Worldwide Special
13 - Invincible Force
14 - Bestial Invasion (Fucked-up Wacken version!) Wacken After-Show Special
15 - Bullets From Hell Metal Days After-Show Special
16 - Total Desaster