Released on: 2004-03-01

Outstretch your greedy hands for this single! CREMATORY, reunited Gothic Metal act and best of their genre in Germany, herald the March with "Greed", the band's first output after a three years break. Provided with a catchy and highly melodic chorus – sung by guitar player Matthias – and solid Gothic Metal work with Felix' deep growls, hard riffs and squiring keyboards in the well-known CREMATORY style, 'Greed' has the potential to become the band's next hymn after club smashers like 'Tears Of Time' or 'Fly'. The history of CREMATORY goes back to 1991 when guitar player Lotte and drummer Markus began the band, adding singer Felix and bassist Marc to complete the line up. One year later their first, and only, demo was recorded and gained great feedback from both fans and press. And that not only in Germany – all in all 1.500 copies were sold worldwide and led to first contacts with different record labels. The first gigs were booked and absolved and during the touring keyboard player Katrin, who already helped out for recording the demo, became a permanent member of CREMATORY.In November 1992 the band signed a deal with Massacre Records and began working on the debut album "Transmigration" which sold well after its release in 1993 and bestowed CREMATORY the chance to support MY DYING BRIDE for their tour in November 1993. Yet "Just Dreaming" and "Illusion" brought the break through. Both albums thrilled listeners and established CREMATORY as the leading German Gothic Metal act. With songs like 'Tears Of Time’, which ultimately became a hit were played in every gothic and metal club throughout the nation. The final composition of "Crematory" in 1996 enabled a headliner tour and the "Out Of The Dark" festivals took CREMATORY abroad to the Netherlands and Belgium."Awake", featuring the band's new record company Nuclear Blast, entered the German charts on position 54, straight and modern Gothic Metal for the masses! While follow-up albums "Act Seven" in 1999 and "Believe" in 2000 did even better and cracked the hit lists on position 46 respectively 34, an unbelievable success for the band! For their tenth anniversary in 2001 CREMATORY decided to do an extended jubilee tour playing all the old hits, a feast for every CREMATORY fan. Yet the bitter end followed soon after. Due to personal and financial problems Germany's top gothic metal act decided to split up after the last gig and bid farewell with the (supposed) final masterpiece of their career, "Remind", an affectionately arranged live CD and VHS/DVD. The unalterable end of CREMATORY…? No! The news spread like a wildfire in the beginning of 2003: Felix, Markus & co are back and as strong as in glorious former days! Beside both single- and album-versions of 'Greed', this MCD also features the extensive video clip of the title track, the beautiful ballad 'Farewell Letter' and the inventive cover of METALLICA's hit 'One'. A dignified new sign of life of this great band – welcome back, CREMATORY!

Track list
1 - Greed (Single version)
2 - Greed (Album version)
3 - Farewell Letter
4 - One (Metallica Cover)
5 - Greed (Video clip)