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Metal Discharge


DESTRUCTION - Metal Discharge

Released on: 2003-09-22

DESTRUCTION return with a "Metal Discharge" in their back and once again you will get what you deserve.
Thrash Metal in its original style, performed by one of the leading and legendary German Thrash metal acts. Besides SODOM, HOLY MOSES, TANKARD and KREATOR, DESTRUCTION keep up the flag of traditional Thrash Metal and even get better with each of their album! Metal Discharge is both a traditional and unique album, it’s DESTRUCTION the way we expect them – metal thrashing mad!#
With releases like "Sentence Of Death" or "Eternal Devastation" DESTRUCTION set themselves a monument, being a big influence for lots of different acts.
"Metal Discharge" leads DESTRUCTION to an even higher level. Expect a riff massacre and pure metal on a high level. Tracks like Mortal Remain or Rippin’ The Flesh Apart are made for eternity. This is DESTRUCTION how we love them! "Metal Discharge" will be the kick-ass album for the Thrash Metal scene and will bring back this music to where it belongs. TO THE TOP!!!

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Ravenous Beast 3:09
2 - Metal Discharge 3:26
3 - Rippin´ The Flash Apart 5:01
4 - Fear Of The Moment 3:34
5 - Mortal Remains 4:11
6 - Desecrators Of The New Age 3:42
7 - Historical Force Feed 3:36
8 - Savage Symphony Of Terror 3:51
9 - Made To Be Broken 3:45
10 - Vendetta 4:52