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Rabbit Don't Come Easy


HELLOWEEN - Rabbit Don't Come Easy

Released on: 2003-05-12

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    Rabbit don't come easy SPECIAL EDITION BLACK VINYL
    2LP - 19.99 EUR

Besides the Scorpions and Accept, Helloween are one of the founders and one of the most popular bands ever in the german rock and heavy metal scene. Helloween managed to be one of the few german bands to break into the USA and sold almost half a million records with such classics as “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 and 2” in the USA.

Helloween are still one of the leading acts in their genre, as they have earned many gold and platinum awards in many countries such as Japan, and every album they have released has reached the top 20 in the german music charts. Helloween are regarded as the godfathers of power metal and have influenced almost every band in the genre. Even in their third decade of existence, their impact on the scene is enormous, and the band is playing as well today as they did almost 18 years ago! With their new album, “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy”, they prove to be unique and even developed yet they still maintain their trademark Helloween sound. Helloween have always been one step ahead by being extremely versatile in their songwriting.

On April 7th, the band will release a single entitled "Just a Little Sign". It is a special track which shows off the band’s talent for writing great songs with a mixture of speed, melody, and power which sets them apart from all other acts. On May, 12, “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” will be released, which marks another important chapter in the history of the band. The album was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (HammerFall, Blind Guardian etc.) and was recorded at the Mi Sueno Studios in Tenerife, which is owned by vocalist Andi Deris. Charlie’s energy and experience puts the final crown on this outstanding album.

Before the recordings for “Rabbit Don‘t Come Easy“, there were many rumors about who would replace Roland Grapow (guitars) and Uli Kusch (drums). The band found the very talented Sascha Gerstner as their next guitarist, who wasted no time contributing to the band as he wrote the tracks “Open Your Life”, “Sun 4 The World” and “Listen To The Flies” together with Andi Deris. The band then found Mark Cross as their new drummer, however Mark became ill with the Epstein Barr virus which incapacitated him. Since the band could not delay the recording of the new album, they found Mikkey Dee to play the drums in the studio. Mikkey did an excellent job in the studio for the band. Meanwhile, the band still needed to find a drummer who could join the band full time, and they finally found a guy named Stefan Schwarzmann (formerly of Running Wild and Accept) to take up the position.

“Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” shows the band ’s “happy” side, as opposed to the more dark and mystic “The Dark Ride” album. When listening to “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” you can feel and experience, the heart & soul that each of the members put into this album. With this new album, Helloween show that they are stronger than ever, and when listening to the album you can feel their power!

The album is very versatile which begins with the single, “Just A Little Sign” written by singer Andi Deris, followed by mid-tempo hymns like “Never Be A Star” and “Hell Was Made In Heaven”. One of the surprises might be the monumental and quite crazy track “Nothing To Say”, written by founding member, songwriter and metal legend Michael Weikath. The album also contains some aggressive tracks such as “Liar”, written by bassist Markus Grosskopf, and the extremely catchy “Open Your Life” written by Sascha Gerstner. Songs such as “Do You Feel Good” written by Michael Weikath, and “Don’t Stop Being Crazy” written by Andi Deris show off the band’s diversity and prove that Helloween’s newest release “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” is not only an instant classic, but something special!

12 Hymns for eternity that can be appreciated by any metalhead! Enjoy the experience!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Just A Little Sign 4:26
2 - Open Your Life 4:30
3 - The Tune 5:36
4 - Never Be A Star 4:11
5 - Liar 4:56
6 - Sun 4 The World 3:57
7 - Don't Stop Being Crazy 4:21
8 - Do You Feel Good 4:23
9 - Hell Was Made In Heaven 5:34
10 - Back Against The Wall 5:45
11 - Listen To The Flies 4:54
12 - Nothing To Say 8:35
13 - Far Away (bonus track) 4:18