Wicked Is My Game


RAISE HELL - Wicked Is My Game

Released on: 2002-10-21

"Third strike is deadly", Chuck Billy once sang in his early days with Testament. Deadly is also the third strike from Swedish Thrash Metal outfit Raise Hell, who have always been something real special. While other bands copy each other, Raise Hell try something new and realize their own vision of extreme Metal music. Raise Hell have the balls to rock and kick every fuckin' ass! They always do, and on their new album, Wicked Is My Game, they do it even more! If there is one band that has 100% Rock’N‘Roll attitude within their music, it's them! "Everybody is very happy about the result, and I think that every Raise Hell fan will be pleased with it as well!" says drummer Dennis Ekdahl, adding, "The vocals have gone even more extreme, and I think that the new album is way more mature than Not Dead Yet!". It took more than two years to finish the recordings for Wicked is My Game, which includes the best elements from the first two records, plus more groove, aggression and melodies. All in all, it's the album everybody expected from them. "We know that it has been a long time since the last album, but we have put a lot of time and effort into writing the songs. Expect a thrash explosion at the end of this summer," Ekdahl concludes. The recordings took place at Flat Planet Studios, which are a part of the legendary Studio Fredman. The production was handled by In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén and Frederik Reinedahl, who added even more balls to their sound. The album is old school on the one hand, but modern and unique on the other. It is just a perfect combination of traditional Thrash Metal and classical Rock’N‘Roll put together in an ass kickin' sound. The results are nine tracks, which do not allow you sit to quiet. It is an album to mosh to and to bang every head that doesn't bang! Also, watch out for the re-release of Holy Target and Not Dead Yet on one CD also coming October, 21st.

Track list
1 - Hellborn
2 - Nightwatcher
3 - The Haunted House
4 - Wicked Is My Game
5 - In My Cell
6 - Another Side
7 - Death Race
8 - Devil May Care
9 - Destiny Deceiver