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The Antichrist


DESTRUCTION - The Antichrist

Released on: 2001-09-15

German Thrash Metal Legends DESTRUCTION again entered Abyss Studios in April 2001 to record their new album.
"The Antichrist" is even closer to the original DESTRUCTION sound than "All Hell Breaks Loose". With the opener “Thrash ‘Til Death,” they document their life philosophy, while paying homage to some of thrash metal’s greatest bands. Why? ‘Cause once you’re a thrash metal head, you’re always a thrash metal head!!! It’s executed in the classic DESTRUCTION vein and is destined to become a classic like “Eternal Ban,“ “Bestial Invasion,“ or “Curse the Gods.“ Also “Nailed to the Cross“ is a sure-fire hit with its big chorus. Take your pick – “Dictators of Cruelty,“ “Bullets from Hell,“ “Godfather of Slander“ – "The Antichrist" is filled with hit after hit, and the production of Peter Tägtgren is far more old-school than on "All Hell Breaks Loose". "The Antichrist" will be the kick-ass album for the trash metal scene and will bring back this music to where it belongs. TO THE TOP!!!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Days Of Confusion (intro) 4:30
2 - Thrash Till Death
3 - Nailed To The Cross 4:23
4 - Dictators Of Cruelty 3:46
5 - Bullets From Hell 5:06
6 - Strangulated Pride 3:27
7 - Meet Your Destiny 4:02
8 - Creations Of The Underworld 3:54
9 - Godfather Of Slander 4:09
10 - Let Your Mind Rot 4:15
11 - The Heretic 3:52