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The Dark Ride


HELLOWEEN - The Dark Ride

Released on: 2000-10-30

After the sensational success of their last album "Better Than Raw" and their very succesful support-tour for Iron Maiden, Germany's favourite Metal Band took a longer break, which only was interrupted by the release of the coverversion-album "Metal Jukebox".

This album was the last one that was published by Castle Communications, and due to its success the band was totally relaxed while looking for a new label.In the end, Nuclear Blast were able to secure a deal, and the band began to work on their new album "The Dark Ride" immediately. Recorded in Teneriffa, at My Sueno Music Studios, the album features a lot of the typical Helloween-trademarks and, rest assured, won't disappoint any fan.Together with producers Roy Z. (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford) and Charlie Bauerfeind the band managed to create an opus which will set the measuring pole for competitors to another level. Although "Better Than Raw" was already surprisingly heavy, Andi Deris (vocals), Michael Weikath (guitars), Roland Grapow (guitars), Markus Grosskopf (bass) and drummer Uli Kusch now managed to deliver their heaviest and most powerful album so far. It's especially remarkable that most of the songs have been written as single-handed attempt and not as a band effort.Therefore a wide range of stilistic elements is covered, of course, as everyone of the band has their own style of writing songs. Nevertheless the boys succeeded in creating an album that unmistakeably sounds like Helloween.

To emphasize on single tracks is pointless, because it wouldn't do any justice to the whole of the album. You simply won't find any fillers! Anyway, just have a listen to the catchy opener "Mr. Torture", bang your head to the driving, powerful track "The Departed" or the (already released) single "If I Could Fly". Not to forget "Escalation 666" which for sure is their most sinister and heaviest song so ever.
However, with this album, Helloween again proved that it's impossible to speak of european metal without mentioning their name!

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Track list Total runtime
1 - Beyond the portal (intro) 0:45
2 - Mr. Torture 3:27
3 - All over the nations 4:54
4 - Escalation 666 4:24
5 - Mirror, Mirror... 3:43
6 - If I could fly 4:09
7 - Salvation 5:42
8 - The departed (sun is going down) 4:36
9 - I live for your pain 3:59
10 - We damn the night 4:06
11 - Immortal (stars) 4:04
12 - The dark ride 8:48