Released on: 2000-09-11

„Believe“ isn't just the title of the new CREMATORY album, the ability to believe is an essential attribute and, indeed, the secret of a bands' long-term success. It is due to their fans unwavering belief that CREMATORY have retained their position as the undisputable leaders of the European Gothic-Metal scene for such a long time. This is clearly shown by the continually rising album sales, higher Chart entries and the many hits whose exclusion from club playlists is unthinkable. After the line-up change, CREMATORY were able to climb to Number 46 in the German album charts with "Act Seven" thus setting new standards in Gothic Metal. "Act Seven" was very well received worldwide and is the biggest selling CREMATORY album to date.With their eighth album, "Believe", CREMATORY now unveil their own musical monument.Their continual development since "Act Seven" is clearly audiable in Matthias' excellent guitar arrangements which give the band new drive.Harshness, melody and catchyness are the elements CREMATORY have fused together better than ever before resulting in the creation of several dancefloor hits. Matthias' talents, however, not only lie in the guitar arrangements but also in his clean vocal contribution which ,together with Felix, enhances the musical background perfectly. Markus (Drums) and Harald (Bass) provide, as usual, the groove foundation upon which Katrin erects her keyboard constructions of accentuated, catchy melodies and savage samples. The heavy yet complex finishing touch was added, once again, by top producer, Gerhard Magin, at the Communiation Studios.The belief in CREMATORY will, once again, not be in vain because "Believe" ensures that the CREMATORY banner will be hoisted higher than ever before. This albums' potential could well top the chart position reached by its predecessor and bring many new fans into the fold.In addition to the album highlights, CREMATORY, will produce two video clips and also headline the Nuclear Blast Festivals in mid-September. An extensive European tour to support "Believe" is planned for January and February 2001, on which the band will also celebrate their 10th anniversary. Believe in yourself and especially in CREMATORY!

Track list
1 - Redemption of faith
2 - Endless
3 - The fallen
4 - Take
5 - Act seven
6 - Time for tears
7 - Eternal
8 - Unspoken
9 - Caroline
10 - The cure
11 - Why
12 - Perils of the wind