Not Dead Yet


RAISE HELL - Not Dead Yet

Released on: 2000-05-02

"Not Dead Yet“ – they must be joking, those young swedes. Where other teenage metal bands boast obscure virtues as in "deepest growls from an infant throat", RAISE HELL made an unignorable statement with their impressive debut „Holy Target“. It blew like a hurricane over the dust covered face of contemporary swedish death metal with all its Dissection and In Flames clones. Back then it was obvious that RAISE HELL combine daring aggression and a sense for mature melodic riffs in the most promising manner. It may sound a bit paternal, but it’s a fact that the one grows the more one is surprised by the rapid steps in development in children – even over the course of just a few months. In a certain sense „Not Dead Yet“ is the same sort of surprise. No one would have been questioned the band had they carried on with the successful style of their debut. Nobody but themselves. Some weeks before they entered the renowned Fredman Studio in Gothenburg the devil of songwriting must have possessed these fine, young musicians. Without caring about the Do's and Don’t‘s of death metal they wrote nine extremely catchy and grimly rocking songs. Instead of letting Lucifer himself in his sulphurus repuksiveness stumble from the speakers again, the band conjure beautiful succubi to enchant the weary death metal crowd. No. We’re not talking archaic keyboards and romanticism here – it's still about spontinaety. Roughly speaking „Not Dead Yet“ is the album that we always hoped Kreator would deliver one day – if only they had a sense for dirty grooves and simple melody lines. RAISE HELL might very well be be the long-awaited reinventors of European thrash metal. The albumcovers a wide spectrum of sounds from intense metal hymns to radio songs hidden in barbed wire (‘Devilyn’ IS a hit, end of discussion) and a twisted cover version of ‘Light My Fire’ (disrespectfully titled ‘Babes’). What are we to learn from this? Never forget that the youngsters are always there to inherit the thrones occupied by the elders. Never dare to throw any old style of metal into the thrash – they always come back, even thrash itself. And: RAISE HELL will be huge one day!

Track list
1 - Dance with the devil
2 - Babes
3 - Back attack
4 - Devilyn
5 - Not dead yet
6 - No puls
7 - User of poison
8 - He is coming
9 - Soulcollector