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All hell breaks loose


DESTRUCTION - All hell breaks loose

Released on: 2000-04-25

The Butcher Strikes Back – Devastating Thrash Attack!
There’s no better way to hit the nail on the head than with this quote from “The Butcher Strikes Back”. DESTRUCTION are back. And they haven’t forgotten a thing! After legions of bands paid homage to them ,particularly during the second half of the nineties, with countless cover versions or cheekily ‘borrowed’ riffs, DESTRUCTION present themselves now the way we knew them and missed them. After their reunion DESTRUCTION warmed up by playing diverse gigs (e.g. Wacken and Bang Your Head Festivals) where not only old and new fans but also musicians by the dozen fell to their knees in awe. Collegues from bands like Immortal, Ryker’s and Testament could hardly believe that their old heroes were back together and kickin’ ass just like in the old days. DESTRUCTION managed, without any argument, to belt out their old hits better than ever before and presented a new song, “The Butcher Strikes Back”, which effortlessly compliments their 80’s highlights. Among their worshippers in Wacken was Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, The Abyss, Pain Mastermind) who has been a die-hard DESTRUCTION fan for years and is also a well-known producer. A very practical constellation indeed which led to DESTRUCTION barricading themselves in Tägtgren’s Abyss Studios last winter to record “All Hell Breaks Loose”.
The result is a fusion of classic mid-80’s thrash power and some more modern elements. DESTRUCTION have arranged the songs slightly more complex and have, in the meantime, gained the necessary technical finesse. Without diverting from their chosen path, they have retained their feel for crystal clear mega-riffing and have come up with the most bombastic sound in the band history (at last, the drums pack a punch too !)And for all those who are sceptical about such reunions, they’ve re-recorded “Total Desaster”, one of their best songs, with such fury that no-one could even suggest that we’re dealing with warmed up remnants of the old days.The originals have returned and the whole neo-Thrash scene better watch their backs!!!!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 0:43
2 - The final curtain 4:26
3 - Machinery of lies 3:41
4 - Tears of blood 4:03
5 - Devastation of your soul 4:09
6 - The butcher strikes back 3:07
7 - World domination of pain 4:05
8 - Extreme measure 4:53
9 - All hell breaks loose 5:40
10 - Total desaster 3:07
11 - Visual prostitution 3:50
12 - Kingdom of damnation 3:37