The First Crusade (DVD)


HAMMERFALL - The First Crusade (DVD)

Released on: 2000-02-21

Here it is: The first homevideo from the TEMPLARS OF HEAVY METAL!!! This video contains a lot of special videos besides their official clips GLORY TO THE BRAVE and HAMMERFALL. This video is made from fans for fans, cause it shows the band from the rawest side. Most of the videos were recorded during their very successful GLORY TO THE BRAVE tour and at the releaseparty to their worldwide chartbreaking album LEGACY OF KINGS. It shows the bands way from were it all began ‘til now. They started from the underground and grown up to the biggest band of the new metal generation inbetween two years. If you want to know how all this happened, you should have seen this video.

Track list
1 - Introduction
2 - Steel meets steel (live)
3 - Glory to the brave
4 - HammerFall
5 - Introduction: Magnus Rosen
6 - Steel meets steel (live)
7 - Glory to the brave
8 - The Making Of GLORY TO THE BRAVE
9 - Ravenlord (live)
10 - The Metal age (live)
11 - Nominated for the Swedish Grammy awards
12 - Stone cold (live)
13 - Listening session to LEGACY OF KINGS
14 - German TV Advertisment
15 - Releaseparty for LEGACY OF KINGS
16 - Head over heels
17 - Balls to the wall
18 - Breaking the law
19 - Outtakes and sign off
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