Keep Your Love Loud


JACK SLAMER - Keep Your Love Loud

Released on: 2020-11-27

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Flying high like an eagle in the skyJACK SLAMER are back with a bang! «Keep Your Love Loud» marks the band’s third release - and it surely packs a punch. This time around, walls of guitars, endless riffs and high soaring vocals are joined by disco drums and Darbukas. Once the needle touches the vinyl, you can almost hear your feet shout out “Holy Moly” in ecstasy! You’ll be blasted with fresh and almost frivolous soundscapes, yet they continue to be grounded in a deeply rooted taste for tradition. The first grade production value is one of the album’s major features and it is instantly recognizable: Punchy drums, a gnarly bass sound and intricate guitar lines weave into a dense sonic fabric that can easily keep up with the great records of rock n roll’s past!

This masterpiece owes a great deal to its producer Tommy Vetterli (KREATOR, CORONER) who recorded «Keep Your Love Loud» at the New Sound Studio (ELUVEITIE, BATTALION) and piloted JACK SLAMER through their album production with honest and direct feedback. Even unconventional ideas were given room and they clearly added to the sound without trying to reinvent the wheel itself. This appetite can be heard on the ZZ-Top inspired ‘Magic Woman’, the heavy disco beat of ‘Brother’, the Darbuka performance in ‘Favorite Enemy’, or the swirling bassline in ‘Stumbled’. All this keeps JACK SLAMER far from being a classic rock’n’roll five piece and shows how the sense of family can be found at the roots of this band.

Musical degrees, carpentry, medical expertise and rocket science form their background and pour into their music and their lyrics. Their songs talk of letting go and coming home, guilt and inner demons, Mother Nature and the beauty of the ever-changing thing that we call life. «Keep Your Love Loud» wants to enchant you and take you on a trip like an eagle flying across the planes of the American wilderness - a feeling only true rock’n’roll can conjure.

JACK SLAMER are a Swiss rock band from the city Winterthur. Their members are: Cyrill Vollenweider (g), Hendrik Ruhwinkel (b), Florian Ganz (voc), Marco Hostettler (g) and Adrian Böckli (dr). The quintet has been playing together for over a decade, received honors such as the “SRF Best Talent“ title, played concerts all over Europe and is signed by the German label Nuclear Blast.

Track list
1 - Brother
2 - Favorite Enemy
3 - Sun Soul Healing
4 - Lost
5 - War of Words
6 - Magic Woman
7 - Memories
8 - Stumbled
9 - Ocean
10 - Bouquet of Decibels