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Hell Will Come For Us All


AVERSIONS CROWN - Hell Will Come For Us All

Released on: 2020-06-12

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Emerging in 2010 amidst a sea of blackened deathcore, Australia’s AVERSIONS CROWN separated themselves from the rest with their visceral sense of the genre. Coming equipped with a variety of vocal patterns and brutal 8-string guitar work, their technically onerous sound has developed and become increasingly unique over time.

Evolving through member changes, the band has finalized its superior line-up in the wake of their upcoming album “Hell Will Come For Us All”, due to be released on June 12th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. Preceded by “Servitude” (2011), “Tyrant” (2014), and “Xenocide” (2017), “Hell Will Come For Us All” is substantially more aggressive and clearly structured in its delivery. Carrying an augmented aggression throughout all nine songs, a fresh vocal style vibrates fiercely across the entire album, the bone crushing vocals performed by new vocalist Mr. Tyler Miller of Knoxville Tennessee. While catchy and aggressive, Miller brings a much more relatable element to the band through the use of clear pronunciation and lyric placement, and while equally interested in science fiction, expands the scope of the band to now tackle real-world current events with feverish animosity.

“The lyric writing is always a collective effort amongst us all as we gather inspiration from our lives and the world around us,” explains drummer Jayden Mason. “Tyler took these ideas and focused them into something more meaningful than we’ve done before, delivering each lyric with a ferocious new power and precision.” Miller begins to explain, “Tracks like ‘Born In The Gutter’ draw inspiration from the saddening divide between the rich and the poor. There are many levels to society and while some of us may work from a pristine home or a modern office, there are others, like the Kenyan workers described in this song, who separate literal garbage for what amounts to less than minimum wage. Similarly, ‘The Soil’ describes the ways in which the human race is constantly at war with itself, thereby continuing to desecrate our planet in the process.” Miller continues, “In today’s modern world you often hear people in their 20’s and 30’s saying things like ‘I’m never having kids. Who could bring a child into this horrible world?’ The song ‘Paradigm’ discusses the loss of innocence among our children and how they are destined to suffer in the wake of war, natural disaster, and terrorism like we’ve never seen before. Once the evils of this world are realized, that child’s innocence is lost forever.”
The title track ‘Hell Will Come For Us All’ is the first of a four part story that creates a strong correlation between the music, and the album artwork. “Even though we’re diverting our lyrical efforts to more important matters these days, we’re still exercising our talents in the realm of sci-fi story telling. This part of the story focuses on someone that was given a great vision/revelation by a ‘higher power’ concerning the end of the world,” describes Miller.

Having seen artwork by Eliran Kantor circulating its way through the scene, the band felt his almost renaissance style of painting would mesh well with the story as it’s eventually told across the album. “The artwork conveys one higher being as the centre of attention in a collapsing world. It’s based in an old-world setting where humans wouldn’t have known what, or where this higher being came from. It eventually leads the way to man’s extinction and enslavement,” explains Miller.

The drums and guitar for “Hell Will Come For Us All” were recorded with Matt Shorteron the Sunshine Coast in Queensland at Heliport Studios, with vocals and additional engineering done by Steve Seid. Throughout the entire process, producer Will Putney (THY ART IS MURDER) of Graphic Nature Audio returned to the band once more to assist in all things production. “We have worked with Will on and off over the years, so it was an easy decision to work with him for this process. He’s produced some of the heaviest mixes we have ever had, and all his tips and tricks during the recording process helped phenomenally,” exclaims Mason. The particular sci-fi, melodic sound that erupts from “Hell Will Come For Us All” is of a high intensity, that still remains deeply captivating and listenable. The melodies, choruses, and atmospheric leads pull you in and quickly pummel you with crushing blast beats and maddening guitar work. With a USA tour on the horizon in 2020 with THY ART IS MURDER, AVERSIONS CROWN is setting the stage to conquer its busiest year yet.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Soil 3:29
2 - Born In The Gutter 3:46
3 - Paradigm 3:56
4 - Caught In The System 4:00
5 - Hell Will Come For Us All 4:26
6 - Scourge Of Violence 4:10
7 - Hymn Of Annihilation 4:31
8 - Sorrow Never Sleeps 4:48
9 - The Final Judgement 4:35