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GRAVEYARD - Graveyard

Released on: 2011-08-19

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“A Lesson in Graveyard History”

When Swedish classic rockers GRAVEYARD signed to Nuclear Blast in early 2011, it was obvious, something big would happen. And so it did. The quartett led the charts of their home country and also entered the German media control charts on position #78. The following European headlining club tour was sold out in nearly every city - the shows were packed, sweaty and intense. Not to forget, all 6(!) different vinyl editions of “Hisingen Blues” where sold out before they were even printed.

Seeing all that, the band as well as the label decided to re-issue their stunning and nowadays hard-to-find selftitled debut album which gained a lot of attention in the underground on its initial release back in 2007. The album contains all tracks of the original release also featuring the original sound to experience the true and pure essence of GRAVEYARD – even a bit more raw than what you know from their current masterpiece “Hisingen Blues”.

The only real changes that have been made is a completely new and stunning artwork which fits the music even better, for the first time ever the album will be available nearly everywhere and of course there will be really nice gatefold vinyl editions again...!

Go, give it a spin and re-discover GRAVEYARD!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Evil Ways 3:27
2 - Thin Line 5:24
3 - Lost In Confusion 3:23
4 - Don’t Take Us For Fools 4:01
5 - Blue Souls 6:16
6 - Submarine Blues 2:24
7 - As The Years Pass By, The Hours Bend 4:40
8 - Right Is Wrong 4:26
9 - Satan’s Finest 5:32
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