TEXTURES - Dualism

Released on: 2011-09-23

The band’s fourth album "Dualism" -- on the band’s new home Nuclear Blast -- is groovier, catchier, and the production even grander than its 2008 predecessor Silhouettes. TEXTURES trademark mix of expertly crafted brutality, melody, freaky, innovative rhythms and catchy vocals is still intact, with Bart Hennephof and Jochem Jacobs’s expertly crafted sonic… um… textures and the unruly heavy-hitting of drummer Stef Broks creating the perfect metal cocktail. The climaxes of the songs on "Dualism" have been elevated to a higher level, partially due to the contribution of their new keyboard player, Uri Dijk and new frontman Daniel de Jongh (ex-Cilice) who, as far as his sound goes, is every bit the talent as his predecessor Eric Kalsbeek.

Once again, TEXTURES took total control of every facet of the album. Everything was recorded at Split Second Sound, the new Amsterdam-based studio of belonging to Jacobs, who produced the album. The band also handled all their own artwork and merchandising, which was designed by bassist Remko Tielemans.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Arms Of The Sea 6:33
2 - Black Horses Stampede 3:57
3 - Reaching Home 5:10
4 - Sanguine Draws The Oath 5:51
5 - Consonant Hemispheres 4:20
6 - Burning The Midnight 5:39
7 - Singularity 6:46
8 - Minor Earth, Major Skies 4:40
9 - Stoic Resignation 5:09
10 - Foreclosure 2:56
11 - Sketches From A Motionless Statue 5:22

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