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The Concrete Confessional


HATEBREED - The Concrete Confessional

Released on: 2016-05-13

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    The concrete confessional
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Returning home in the fall of 2015, they entered the studio with longtime producer Zeuss (ROB ZOMBIE, SOULFLY). Immediately, they channeled the spirit that’s long defined their signature sound. By January, the record was mixed by Josh Wilbur (MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD) and primed for ignition.

“We had a really good vibe in the studio,” he says. “The record is a snapshot of this time for us.”

It also reflects what’s going on outside. The opening track and first single 'A.D.' fuses together torrential thrashed-out guitars, double bass drums, and Jasta’s immortal growl before an incendiary lead. The singer dissects what the American Dream means in a climate of upheaval. “Fight fire with fire, you’ll see everyone’s burning,” he screams. Think of it as »Vote With A Bullet« or »Holy Wars…The Punishment Due« for the Instagram age.

“It’s a mirror of both sides of the story whether it’s what you believe in the media or what you actually see,” he explains. “Musically, it came together quickly. It’s about all of the frustrated feelings that come out when I turn on the news. So much of our attention is focused on the wrong areas. People want to one-up each other with better clothes and cars, and it’s all bullshit. Nobody goes to the grave with any of that stuff. It’s not all instant gratification. What exists on the phone and computer isn’t what exists in real life. What is the American Dream anymore?”

The machine gun chug of 'Looking Down The Barrel Of Today' proves equally uplifting and undeniable. “I wanted something to get crowds pumped up,” he admits. “So many fans will tell us, “Your records help me get through my life.” I needed to encourage this cyclical power to get up and face the day. You either make the best of today, or you’re done in by it.”

'Something’s Off' carries an ominously lyrical bass line into a guttural chant, showcasing Jasta’s chilling vocal dynamics in the process. “I’ve written songs about depression, alcoholism, and falling back into destructive patterns,” he says. “However, I never felt like I could really put my finger on what anxiety is. It’s not just social anxiety but this unexplained feeling of unease, like I’m in a fog. I’ve felt it occasionally since I was in grade school. You can’t control when it happens. Heavy music has kept that beast at bay - in addition to exercise and experiences with my family. I had to confront it directly in the lyrics here.”

Elsewhere, 'Remember When' and 'Slaughtered In Their Dreams' juxtapose visceral lyricism with a searing sonic backdrop as chaotic as it is catchy. Through and through, »The Concrete Confessional« is classic HATEBREED.

»The Concrete Confessional« fits right into the bold, bloody, and beating heart of the HATEBREED institution.

“The title had to be something that was heavy and hard, but also vulnerable and honest,” Jasta leaves off. “Heavy music is this cleansing, therapeutic, and cathartic experience for so many. You’re there, the guitars are crushing you, and someone’s screaming their head off - sharing their pain and aspects of their life through words, poetry, or songs. There’s nothing like it. You confess you have negative thoughts, and you purge them. For however long you’re at the show, there are no bills to pay, issues to deal with, or problems holding you back. You can be free.”

Track list
1 - A.D.
2 - Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
3 - Seven Enemies
4 - In The Walls
5 - From Grace We’ve Fallen
6 - Us Against Us
7 - Something’s Off
8 - Remember When
9 - Slaughtered In Their Dreams
10 - The Apex Within
11 - Walking The Knife
12 - Dissonance
13 - Serve Your Masters