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Welcome To The Morbid Reich


VADER - Welcome To The Morbid Reich

Released on: 2011-08-12

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  • VADER Welcome to the morbid Reich VADER
    Welcome to the morbid Reich
    CD - 7.99 EUR

Different sources see the beginnings of VADER and interpret it in various ways. The truth is, however, that the band was set up in the autumn of 1983 by two people crucial for the band: Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek (called "Bardast" and later "Behemoth" back then) playing the bass and the guitarist Zbyszek "Vika" Wroblewski. The band started its activity in Poland, a country that was stuck in a completely different reality. Metal was associated only with the two officially existing bands: TSA and Kat... Extreme metal was just about to be born and VADER was among the pioneers of that genre (and the only one left since then) in the newly emerging Underground...

"Morbid Reich", a demo recorded in a studio in Olsztyn was released as a complete novelty in the Poland of those days (1990) by a newly created independent record label Carnage Rec. from Warsaw. This material was the first global success of VADER!!!

The debut album of VADER under the name of "The Ultimate Incantation" was finally recorded (after the unfortunate session in Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, in the spring of 1992 - unofficially available among Fans as the "Swedish album version") in the summer of 1992 in Rhythm Studio in England with producer Paul Johnson.

1996 brought about another major change in the band. China didn't stand the pace and intensity of work. His place was taken over by Mauser (DIES IRAE / CHRIST AGONY). VADER changed the recording studio as well for SELANI Studio in their home town - Olsztyn. Here, between 1996 and 1998, three albums were created: "Future Of The Past" containing cover tracks and being a tribute to the Metal scene, EP "Kingdom" and the third album, "Black To The Blind". By then VADER is an esential force in the Extreme Metal world.

In 2010 the band started to record the 10th full album under the title "Welcome to the Morbid Reich". The line-up in 2010 is: Peter - guitar/voc.; Spider - guitar; (Marco Martell – guest guitar in USA); Reyash - bass and Paweł - drums.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Ultima Thule (intro) 0:48
2 - Return To The Morbid Reich 3:26
3 - The Black Eye 4:12
4 - Come And See My Sacrifice 4:44
5 - Only Hell Knows 2:13
6 - I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul 4:50
7 - Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out 3:58
8 - I Had A Dream… 3:02
9 - Lord Of Thorns 2:38
10 - Decapitated Saints 2:41
11 - They Are Coming (intro) 1:46
12 - Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel 3:19
13 - Raping The Earth (DIGI bonustrack) 4:56
14 - Troops Of Tomorrow (DIGI bonustrack) 1:54