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Under Attack


DESTRUCTION - Under Attack

Released on: 2016-05-13

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It has been four years since the legendary Destruction released their last album »Spiritual Genocide« and 2016 sees Schmier, Mike and Vaaver returning to the scene with a bang! »Under Attack« will be released on May 13 2016, 34 years after establishing the band. Don’t be fooled by their longevity though as the songwriting is light-years away from the eighties and is much more mature and focussed.

Founded in 1982 the trio reached the top of the national thrash metal movement, with albums such as »Infernal Overkill« and »Eternal Devastation« nestling in their impressive heavy metal canon. Even later works like »All Hell Breaks Loose« or »The Antichrist« are glorious moments in thrash, highlighting why Destruction are part of the “Big Teutonic 4”…and still touring the world with great success.

For »Under Attack« the band changed their proven modus operandi. Instead of booking a studio for a couple of weeks, Schmier and his mates decided to record at various locations (Gernhart Studios in Germany, VO Pulver’s Little Creek Studios in Switzerland among others) between September 2015 and January 2016 whenever possible. “We really took our time for this album”, Schmier stated. “Maybe this was the most effective writing we did in the last years! Due to the fact we had more time inbetween the albums, there was a lot of musical output and creativity, but also less pressure. You can definitely hear the kick-ass attitude we brought from the shows into the studio. The 'on tour into the studio on tour mode' was so effective that I wanna keep this method for the future.”

Schmier added: “How does the new record sound? For sure not like a band that is in its 33rd years of existence.”

If you listen to songs like the anthemic title track, the fast and catchy “Generation Nevermore”, the wrecking ball “Pathogenic” or the complex “Conductor Of The Void” you will agree for sure. Schmier’s voice cuts through glass, Mike plays some of his best riffs and licks ever and Vaaver batters everything down. The impressing cover artwork was once again created by the Hungarian artist Gyula and perfectly illustrates the themes of »Under Attack«. In the words of frontman Schmier: “It’s fast, it’s catchy and it’s original.”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Under Attack 6:13
2 - Generation Nevermore 4:04
3 - Dethroned 4:50
4 - Getting Used To The Evil 6:08
5 - Pathogenic 4:27
6 - Elegant Pigs 3:40
7 - Second To None 5:11
8 - Stand Up For What You Deliver 4:20
9 - Conductor Of The Void 4:33
10 - Stigmatized 4:12
11 - Black Metal (feat. Alex [Krisium]) (bonus) 3:14
12 - Thrash Attack (bonus) 2:58