End Of Days



Released on: 2016-04-29

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“Can you hear the sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell…?”

Not only is this the chilling description given of a nuclear detonation during one of the sound-bite samples on the first DISCHARGE album, but it’s also a perfect description of the Stoke, UK-based punk band that turned the world of underground music on its head with their primal bursts of uncompromising speed and aggression.

With a brand new vocalist Jeff “JJʺ Janiak (from BROKEN BONES) revitalising their creativity, and Tezz Roberts back in the fold on second guitar to beef out their sound like never before, the current line-up, completed by Bones, Rainy, and drummer Dave Caution, have signed to Nuclear Blast, to unleash their new single 'New World Order', and the aptly-titled album »End Of Days«.

The nightmare continues.

Track list Total runtime
1 - New World Order 3:03
2 - Raped And Pillaged 1:45
3 - End Of Days 2:25
4 - The Broken Law 2:19
5 - False Flag Entertainment 1:52
6 - Meet Your Maker 1:22
7 - Hatebomb 2:12
8 - It Can't Happen Here 2:27
9 - Infected 2:32
10 - Killing Yourself To Live 2:47
11 - Looking At Pictures Of Genocide 2:12
12 - Hung Drawn And Quartered 2:15
13 - Population Control 2:13
14 - The Terror Alert 1:55
15 - Accessories By Molotov (Part 2) 2:18