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LOST SOCIETY - Braindead

Released on: 2016-02-12

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From the first second of the quartet‘s new record »Braindead« on, one can‘t help but notice that the light-hearted happy-go-lucky attitude of earlier days has made way for something deeper, darker, heavier. Not an ounce of the youthful passion we‘ve come to love was lost, but rather channeled into what can rightfully be called LOST SOCIETY‘s most mature and profound effort to date.

Crushing riffs, relentless bass fire and thunderous drum pounding intertwine, creating soundscapes of death and devastation, while Elbanna – with a voice ripened to fierce perfection – coughs up venomous verses of madness, torture and pain. Crafted to maximum crispness by trusted producer Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, with another masterly cover artwork by Jan Meininghaus (BOLT THROWER, SICK OF IT ALL, U.D.O.), »Braindead« offers pieces of SLAYERish harshness combined with EXODUS-like coarseness and, in its remarkable richness of gripping melodies, even borders on melodic death à la CHILDREN OF BODOM at times. But most of all, it portrays the Finns on the threshold of becoming one of the leading forces in contemporary thrash metal. If a band‘s third album determines whether they make it or break it, there‘s only one road for LOST SOCIETY from here – straight to the top!

Track list Total runtime
1 - I Am The Antidote 6:12
2 - Riot 4:19
3 - Mad Torture 5:37
4 - Hollow Eyes 6:22
5 - Rage Me Up 4:14
6 - Hangover Activator 3:33
7 - Only (My) Death Is Certain 8:05
8 - P.S.T.88 2:56

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