AVANTASIA - Ghostlights

Released on: 2016-01-29

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“The overall concept is about a cycle of megalomaniac scientists, led by a misanthropic occultist, who wants to manipulate the individual sense of time and to bring into line the society; mainly to build bridges, but truly to get ultimate control,“ Tobias Sammet explains the concept behind »Ghostlights«. “The protagonist, a young agnostic scientist, gets between the fronts. His moral values are on one side, his scientifical appointment and his pursuit for development and progress on the other side. During the story, he’s more and more confronted with different aspects of spirituality, with the speedup of time and with questions for the sense of life,“ the songwriter, who is responsible for all lyrics and compositions alone, tells and underlines, that he didn’t want to copy the storyline of a fairytale on this album." If you ask Tobias about the stylistic direction of the songmaterial of »Ghostlights«, there’s one most important feature: “It sounds like AVANTASIA! I just started to compose. The result was a typical AVANTASIA album, which still had room for new influences and elements. The record is extremely diversified and contains much to explore. That’s a really important point, because »Ghostlights« requires the listener for a running time of 70 minutes. But it offers him a lot, if he gets himself into it. I make music for 25 years now and I get asked again and again to classify my new material. What should I say? I’m absolutely happy with it. It will be the record, I missed in my collection as a MAGNUM, HELLOWEEN, DIO, MEAT LOAF and BRAVEHEART fan until now.“
AVANTASIA have never underlined more impressively, why they catapulted the rock opera genre into the 21st century with such a force. They never have been better!

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose 3:51
2 - Let The Storm Descend Upon You 12:10
3 - The Haunting 4:42
4 - Seduction Of Decay 7:18
5 - Ghostlights 5:45
6 - Draconian Love 4:59
7 - Master Of The Pendulum 5:04
8 - Isle Of Evermore 4:29
9 - Babylon Vampyres 7:13
10 - Lucifer 3:51
11 - Unchain The Light 5:06
12 - A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies 5:53
13 - Wake Up To The Moon (Bonus Track)
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Spectres
2 - Invoke The Machine
3 - The Story Ain't Over
4 - Prelude
5 - Reach Out For The Light
6 - Avantasia
7 - Whats Left Of Me
8 - Dying For An Angel
9 - Twisted Mind
10 - The Watchmakers' Dream
11 - Another Angel Down

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