The Ride Majestic


SOILWORK - The Ride Majestic

Released on: 2015-08-28

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Visionary Swedish metallers SOILWORK were quite busy for the past two and a half years. A double album, an exclusive EP for Asia, a live DVD, an extensive world tour – no time to rest and boom! Here we go again with yet another masterpiece called »The Ride Majestic«.

Marking new bass player Markus Wibom's (ex-HEARTS ALIVE) addition to the band, »The Ride Majestic« picks up where they left off with their critically acclaimed double album »The Living Infinite«. While musically exploring darker grounds than ever before the band also „strayed away a bit from the "regular song structures" and have been a bit more spontaneous as well, giving in for the moment and not care to much of the consequences so to speak,“ as singer Björn „Speed“ Strid puts it. But fear not, those amazingly catchy choruses, melodies and powerful riff and drum attacks that are so connected with the SOILWORK universe are still very present – just check out the opening title track and first single and you will agree!

Lyrically the band dug deep into the principle of life and death. Something SOILWORK tragically had to experience all the way through the production process of »The Ride Majestic« as Strid explains: „Just about every member of the band had a death in the family while recording the album. On top of that, a good friend of ours in a very promising and young band called CHRONUS from Helsingborg, also passed away out of nowhere. 19 years old. Absolutely terrible. We came up with this title to remember what we've gone through together and make it a hymn to those we've lost and celebrate their lives. It's also a reminder that this life we're living is a majestic ride after all. Hopefully that ride will somehow continue once we pass away. The majestic ride is eternal. I think that happens when you lose somebody close - you want them to live on. This is our tribute.“

Guest vocal appearances feature SONIC SYNDICATE's Nathan James Biggs on 'Father and Son, Watching The World Go Down' and Pascal Poulsen of ODIUM on 'The Phantom'.

A European headlining tour will take place in November / December 2015.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Ride Majestic 4:09
2 - Alight In The Aftermath 3:47
3 - Death In General 4:59
4 - Enemies In Fidelity 4:16
5 - Petrichor By Sulphur 5:11
6 - The Phantom 3:57
7 - The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic) 4:46
8 - Whirl Of Pain 5:02
9 - All Along Echoing Paths 4:21
10 - Shining Lights 3:43
11 - Father And Son, Watching The World Go Down 5:40
12 - Of Hollow Dreams (DIGI bonustrack) 4:08
13 - Ghosts And Thunder (DIGI bonustrack) 5:17