The Ophidian Trek


MESHUGGAH - The Ophidian Trek

Released on: 2014-09-26

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Formed in the college town of Umeå in northern Sweden in 1987, MESHUGGAH have spent the last twenty seven years and cumulative fourteen releases developing, exploring, and redefining their complex, inimitable approach on the art of expressing the music they hear in their heads. A group that has not sounded like anyone else in over two decades, MESHUGGAH are one of the few purely and honestly lateral-thinking forces, genuinely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of extreme music, simply because doing so comes naturally to them.

Celebrating over a quarter of a century as one of the spearheads of their genre, MESHUGGAH are now treating their fans to the release of a new DVD entitled »The Ophidian Trek«. This audio-visual feast contains a full MESHUGGAH live show, recorded on May 03, 2013 at their co-headline show alongside DEVIN TOWNSEND at Brixton Academy, London.

The thirteen tracks on »The Ophidian Trek« represent a great retrospective of MESHUGGAH’s fulminant carrier. Kicking off the show with ‘Swarm’, just one of many from their most recent album »Koloss« (2012), going back to »ObZen« (2008) with songs like ‘Lethargica’ and ‘Bleed’ and all the way to the very early days of »Chaosphere« (1998) with the track ‘New Millenium Cyanide Christ’.

A true must-have for all die-hard MESHUGGAH-fans and those who still need to be fully convinced!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Swarmer 2:03
2 - Swarm 5:24
3 - Combustion 4:41
4 - Rational Gaze 5:04
5 - obZen 5:21
6 - Lethargia 6:04
7 - Do Not Look Down 4:56
8 - The Hurt That Finds You First 5:45
9 - I Am Colossus 5:16
10 - Bleed 7:47
11 - Demiurge 4:55
12 - New Millenium Cyanide Christ 5:08
13 - Dancers To A Discordant System 10:14
14 - Mind's Mirrors / In Death - Is Life / In Death - Is Death 14:16
15 - The Last Vigil 4:36