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INDICA - Shine

Released on: 2014-01-24


Music-Cradle Suomi
A melody like a fairy tale is seductively weaving its way from the Land of a Thousand Lakes - and into the world. Finland is not only known for its countless beautiful water paths that endlessly cover its landscapes, but more and more this Northern European country is presenting itself as the birthplace of many an ambitious and successful Metal act.

Covering new grounds
INDICA – a very special and unique Band – also derives from the promising Music cradle that is Suomi. Consisting of five young ladies that are not only letting their ravishing looks, but also their very own blend of mystic Pop, epic melodies and the wistful Finnish melancholy, speak for itself.

In their northern native land they have reached mega stardom – five hit-records and numerous awards underline this status – and after premiering in the English language with the most successful release “A Way Away”, the five ladies will now cover new grounds to enchant with their Pop-Jewel “Shine”.

Finland‘s brightest Star
The current record of the young musicians is shining as bright as Finland’s most gleaming star across the musical sky: Romantic symphonic Pop-songs, engraved into spherical sound cascades with a breeze of glamour and sexiness. A deeply seductive deduction – the five Finns of INDICA know all too well how to use their virtuous weapons, but their unique qualities are best displayed in the several stylistic layers they inhabit.

Composing prodigy and mastermind of Symphonic Metal Heros NIGHTIWSH Tuomas Holopainen, is not only an outspoken admirer but also producer of INDICA's first English album "A Way Away“.
"INDICA has a timeless way of enchanting;" the successful Finnish musician said back then, pointing out once more how talented as artists and individuals the girls of INDICA, Jonsu (vocals, guitars, violin), Heini (bass, vocals), Sirkku (keyboard, vocals), Jenny (guitars, vocals) and Laura (drums) are.

Motivational coach Roland Spremberg
Johanna "Jonsu“ Salomaa can hardly wait to give birth to her youngest mindchild. "I am very relieved that the record is done now. We took the time we needed to work on the songs. The days in the studio were especially fantastic; we were able to record this album with an incredible team.” As with their previous work, INDICA cooperated with well-known songwriters and producers, such as Marc Schettler (DIE ÄRZTE, BEATSTEAKS), Johnny Andrews (APOCALYPTICA, TARJA) and Roland Spremberg (A-HA, UNHEILIG). “Working with Roland is simply wonderful;” Front-fairy Jonsu raves. “He says what’s on his mind and really knows how to make the most of the band. If he, for instance, isn’t too happy with the vocals he states that the sound needs to be improved and asks why it hasn’t been rehearsed more intensely. Those kinds of producers are the best, because to me it feels like they always expect the most from you and motivate you to work even harder. Honesty within a team is very important and we were able to instinctively understand each other – there is nothing about this record we did not agree upon and I think this clearly speaks for itself.”

Dreamlike Songs
The result is an enchantingly essential Symphonic-Pop creation, with sparkling character, beautiful catchy melodies and lots of soul. "The outcome of the record shall encourage and strengthen people, with its groovy edges and inner glow.” The groundwork was set back in 2011 when Jonsu started working on songs – based on a dream of hers. “I dreamed the melody of ‘A Mountain Made Of Stone’ and it kept hold of me. So I wrote down this song and since it was a floating process, things melted into one another by themselves; lyrically and musically. On our previous record we worked with a huge orchestra. But this time we wanted a more intensive and purist atmosphere. Less darkness, more light! Of course it all still had to sound like INDICA, but with a bit more joy, life and luck.”

Rhythm and Math
To fulfill her creative vain, pretty musician Jonsu discovered two things for herself that will make her work like a maniac: “Rhythm and math”, she bursts out in laughter. “I started learning the drums and I am still amazed how euphoric this rhythm will get in your entire body. And a while ago I started studying math, because it really relaxes me. I love the fact that behind each task there is a logical consequence – there is always just right or wrong, nothing in between. As an artist I have to weigh up several decisions, which is not always easy, since it’s impossible to know if one way or the other would have been the better choice. Music makes me levitate, math puts me back on the ground.”

One thing is already doubtless: INDICA has never been better. And as "SHINE“ shimmers as bright as the beautiful musicians themselves high in the music sky. “I think, we all matured with this album”; Jonsu happily states with a mysterious spark in her eyes…

Track list Total runtime
1 - Mountain Made Of Stone 4:09
2 - Uncovered 3:34
3 - A Definite Maybe 3:32
4 - Goodbye To Berlin 3:04
5 - Run Run 3:51
6 - Here And Now 3:52
7 - Missing 3:49
8 - Hush Now Baby 3:37
9 - Behind The Walls 3:30
10 - A Kid In The Playground 2:51
11 - War Child 3:54
12 - Humming Bird (digipak Bonus) 4:24
13 - Lucid (iTunes Bonus)