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Spiritual Genocide


DESTRUCTION - Spiritual Genocide

Released on: 2012-11-23

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“For the anniversary album, we’ve really knuckled down big-time – we’ve never been so fast, brutal and groovy before!“ (Schmier, DESTRUCTION)

…which is saying something after 30 years in the metal business! When a combo is still able to write high-energy balls to the wall songs overflowing with power and joy of playing after all this time, one can justifiably bespeak it as an outstanding achievement. Founded in 1982, DESTRUCTION have risen to the position of one of Germany’s most impressive thrash metal figureheads in the course of time – famous for releasing premium juggernauts of sound and notorious for their merciless live massacres.

When Rock Hard Germany calls the anniversary album »Spiritual Genocide« “the most diversified DESTRUCTION record of the post-re-union phase“, it doesn’t only reflect the overall press reception perfectly, which ecstatically sways between joy at the presented trademark aggression and surprise in view of the atmospherically grooving parts, but also takes the exact line that Schmier and his band mates had in mind. “While we might have been slightly raddled here and there in recent years, there are no boundaries anymore on this album“, affirms the front man forcibly. Moreover, old friends and companions paid the band a visit when they were occupying the Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf, Germany together with extreme metal experts Martin Buchwalter and Andy Classen: SODOM’s Tom Angelripper and TANKARD’s Gerre raised their hats to their thrash brothers in the form of guest contributions.
"Spiritual Genocide" was released in 2012 in Europe and 2013 in the USA.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Exordium 1:02
2 - Cyanide 3:23
3 - Spiritual Genocide 3:39
4 - Renegades 4:01
5 - City of Doom 4:01
6 - No Signs Of Repetance 3:24
7 - To Dust You Will Decay 4:21
8 - Legacy Of The Past (Guest Version feat. Gerre/TANKARD & Tom Angelripper/SODOM) 4:50
9 - Carnivore 4:28
10 - Riot Squad 4:12
11 - Under Violent Sledge 4:09