Full Pull


BULLET - Full Pull

Released on: 2012-09-14

“Finally we have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast! We’ve always been a band with lots of ideas and now it’s time to let them all loose. Better albums, cooler shows – in short, more of everything you’ve come to know as BULLET!”

In these rhapsodical words the Swedish quintet announced its entrance into the big Nuclear Blast family in August of 2011 and thereby justifiably caused excitement among the fans, for it was certain from then on that the successor of 2011’s celebrated “Highway Pirates” would come into the world anytime soon. About six months later, the eagerly anticipated announcement of the fourth record and Nuclear Blast debut “Full Pull“ followed that was scheduled for a release on the 14th of September 2012 – a joyful day each and every aficionado of the Swedes’ rough AC/DC-meets-Accept style could look forward to henceforth!

The enormous popularity of the five piece can be understood best when taking a look at the overall BULLET package: A crazy bunch of close buddies (founding members Hampus Klang and Hell Hofer know each other since their days of youth) who paint the roads red in their restored band bus (1964 model!). “Music is our life” is what the guys always emphasize. The decision against social conventions and for a life dedicated to their matter of the heart – the classical heavy metal and hard rock of the late 70s / early 80s – was amply rewarded with a 3rd rank in the Swedish album charts for “Bite The Bullet” (2008) and “Highway Pirates” (2011) that also entered the German album charts at rank 69, as well as with highly acclaimed shows together with HAMMERFALL and SABATON and even as the opening act for living legends AC/DC in Gothenburg in front of 50.000 fans.

For “Full Pull”, external producers were consulted for the first time: The band’s desired candidates Fred Estby (DISMEMBER) and Nicke Andersson (ENTOMBED) set their hands to the songs in the “Gutterview Recorders” studios and gave the album an even raunchier sound than the previous records had featured. “We wanted to have a stronger live feeling on the album”, front man Hell Hofer resumes. Mission accomplished! Living on the road with a cold beer in the hand and freedom at heart – that’s rock’n’roll, that’s BULLET!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Midnight Oil 3:52
2 - Full Pull 2:27
3 - Running Away 2:29
4 - All Fired Up 3:38
5 - Rolling Home 6:11
6 - In The Heat 2:38
7 - High On The Hog 2:57
8 - Rush Hour 3:43
9 - Freeriding 2:54
10 - Gutterview 3:10