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In the tradition of death metal music, singer Adam „Nergal“ Darski founded the band Baphomet back in 1991. His two companions drummer Adam “Baal” Muraszko and guitarist Adam “Desecrator” Malinowski completed the unique “Adam-Trio”.

One can hear their warmth to bands like Samael and Celtic Frost already in their first demos „Endless Damnation“ and „The Return Of The Northern Moon“. And in their successor “…From The Pagan Vastlands” (1993), one also finds the obscure influences by Venom, Tiamat and Morbid Angel.

1994 was the year for the first release of their EP And The Forests Dream Eternally through the Italian label Entropy Productions. The change of their name into BEHEMOTH was one of the decisions they made on their way up.

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Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) is released in 1996 on Pagan Records as the debut album for Behemoth. Their first tour outside of Poland along with Menhir, Helheim and Christ Agony follows. The black metal band gets offered a contract with the German label Solistium Records, just before Adam Muraszko leaves the band. He is replaced by the new drummer Zbigniew Robert Prominski (Inferno) in 1998. His influence on Behemoth lead to a completely new kind of style.

Progressive Death Metal with pagan lyrics became part of the album Pandemic Incantation and the MCD Bewitching The Pomerania. Thus Behemoth reached a way larger crowd than ever before. Thanks to the offering of a new contract, Behemoth changed their label to the Italian based Avangarde Music.

In 1999, Satanica was released, which helped Behemoth become popular in the USA, as well. Due to problems within the band however, Mateusz Maurycy „Havoc“ Śmierzchalski became their new guitarist, just as Marcin „Novy“ Nowak took the bass.

Around the millennium Behemoth created the accomplished album Thelema.6, which again became an international success, as it was not only released in the USA once again, but also in Brazil and Russia. Behemoth became a much asked for name for festivals like the Wacken Open Air or With Full Force and went on tour all over Europe with Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, The Crown and Enslaved. They also produced their first video clip for “Live Eschaton”. While playing concerts with bands like Carpathian Forest and Vader, Behemoth gathered new material for their new album Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) (2002).

The band continued touring in Europe and produced the live DVD The Art Of Rebellion as well as the box set “Historica” in the meantime.

In 2003 first concerts in America were played. Their legendary gig at the “Blackest Of The Black” festival became a unique experience. After a US tour with Six Feet Under and Skinless and a gig at the Tuska festival in Finland, Marcin Novak and Havoc retrieved from Behemoth in order to live their normal lives. The rest of the band got together with bass player Tomasz „Orion“ Wroblewski and Patryk Dominik „Seth“ Sztyber on the guitar.

In 2004, the philosophic-mythologic album Demigod and the DVD „Crush. Fukk.Create: Requiem For Generation Armageddon“ are released.

The DVD box „Demonica“ (2006) is another great success for Behemoth and helps the band not to be forgotten in the ever developing metal scene.

In the following year popularity of Behemoth in North America continues to grow thanks to the release of The Apostasy.
After Nuclear Blast became interested in the band and offered a contract, Behemoth released their ninth album Evangelion in early 2009.
But despite all the success, Nergal was not spared the dark sides of life, as he came down with leukemia in 2010 and became dependant on a stem cell transplant.
When in spring 2011 an anonymous donor offered his stem cells, Nergal could return to his original life after only three weeks in a hospital!

The new album The Satanist was unleashed in February 2014. 2018, BEHEMOTH are gifting us with a new live release aptly entitled »Messe Noire« (“black mass”), an appellation extracted from this eminent album.

and his bandmates now have channeled their passion into »I Loved You At Your Darkest«. A crushing salvo of black metal majesty replete with hellish riffs, thundering drum cannonades and soaring liturgical choirs reminiscent of classic horror cinema, the album is also bejeweled with nimble-fingered rock guitar solos on their new blasphemic songs.

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